Gaming headsets are created for the convenience of gamers. The noise-cancelling function of these headsets will ensure that the gamer doesn’t have to deal with any sound pollution when playing their favourite game. This way, there is no distraction for the gamer when immersed in their game world.

Well, many people enjoy using these products because they offer a high-quality sound experience without costing too much money. These products are not only meant for professional gamers but also for regular gamers looking to get an added advantage over their opponents in online games or old-school games like Mario Kart.

But the present generation is quite specific about their choices and doesn’t want to end up with something that does not match their taste. According to research, most people are placing orders for white gaming headsets. The reason for this is the look and other features that have been incorporated into the same. If you’re looking to place an order for a betting gaming headset, we’ve got you covered. Here we are presenting the 7 best options you can easily choose from. Let’s get started!

7 Best White Gaming Headsets list.

1. Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless Gaming Headset


Connectivity TechnologyWireless
Form FactorOver-Ear

The Corsair Virtuoso is a gaming headset that offers the best of both worlds – a meticulously designed, high-performance stereo headset and a fully immersive virtual surround sound experience. It delivers immersive 7.1 surround sound, and its high-quality speakers have double the frequency range of the competition. The unmatched precision of our 50mm neodymium drivers can be attributed to their advanced double-venting technology.

Additionally, it comes with memory foam earpads that can conform to the shape of your head, making them one of the most comfortable to use. They also have a lightweight headband that delivers you comfort for hours, allowing you to play without any constraints. Furthermore, it also provides a hyper-fast, lag-free performance that keeps up with you. It’s designed for competitive gamers who require high-fidelity, ultra-low latency audio with an exceptional 60ft signal range using slipstream Corsair wireless technology.

It also features Omni-directional, high-bandwidth performance, providing exceptional dynamic range and vocal clarity. Construction is also at its best. This one is made from precision-machined aluminum that provides greater comfort and also ensures a long service life. Also, it has wide compatibility. The switch connection supports the Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and USB devices. The wireless connection provides users with a wireless way to play from their phones.


  • Comfortable choice.
  • best audio quality
  • Noise cancellation is at its best.
  • Connectivity is at its best.


  • Some people find it big in size.

2. ASUS RGB Gaming Headset ROG Delta


Connectivity TechnologyWired
SeriesROG Delta White
Form FactorOn Ear

The ASUS ROG Delta RGB Gaming Headphones are made for the serious gamer. They feature high-quality ESS Quad-DACs to provide impeccably detailed and true-to-life audio that gives serious gamers a competitive edge. These headphones are also tough with a durable metal frame, braided cable, and folding ear cups for easy transportation. Also, the ROG Delta wired gaming headphones with a mic feature a classy circular rainbow RGB lighting effect that lets you set your unique style. The earpads are made of advanced PU leather, which is hypoallergenic and ergonomic. It also has improved breathability to keep you cool and comfortable during marathon gaming sessions. The microphone is detachable, unidirectional, and includes an indicator light.

It features the latest USB-C connection for PCs and mobile devices. This compact and slim connector is replacing the more common, larger, and heavier USB-A connectors of previous generations. Moreover, it has an ergonomic D-shaped angled ear cup design that provides a snug fit during gaming marathons, and the dual cushions offer unmatched comfort for marathon sessions.

Meanwhile, this gaming headset is the first gaming headset to offer ASUS Essence drivers with Audio Signal Diversion Technology. These exclusive drivers produce a natural, rich soundscape. The airtight chamber provides a secure fit to minimize ear fatigue and lets you hear every detail as if you were front-row at your favourite concert.


  • Earpads are comfortable
  • It features ASUS Essence drivers with Audio Signal Diversion Technology.
  • An ergonomic D-shaped angled ear cup.


  • Some users complain that it stops working after a particular duration.

3. SteelSeries 61508 Arctis 7, Wireless Gaming Headset,


Connectivity TechnologyWireless
Model NameX v2.0
Form FactorOn Ear

The SteelSeries Arctis 7 is a wireless headset that connects using a 2.4GHz wireless RF USB dongle rather than Bluetooth. That means you’ll need to pair the headphones before using them every time, which will take just an extra couple of seconds each time. It has a durable aluminium frame and a one-size-fits-all suspension band that is extremely comfortable to wear since it sits on offset hinges that accommodate both the left and right ear. The panel gets a special matte finish that’s smooth to the touch. This one is the only wireless option available on the list. The SteelSeries Arctis 7 provides excellent audio quality. There’s a slight de-emphasis of high frequencies and some bass boost, but it’s not enough to worry about.

The SteelSeries Arctis 7offers pretty good sound output with relative clarity across frequencies. It does boost the bass, but not as much as most gaming headsets. The Arctis 7 offers a lot of the same options as the Arctis Pro but does so without an included DAC unit.


  • Pretty good sound output.
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Comfortable to wear.


  • Users complain about connectivity.

4. Razer Kraken X Ultralight Gaming Headset


ColorMercury White
Connectivity TechnologyWired
SeriesKraken X
Form FactorOver Ear

The Razer Kraken X Ultralight Gaming Headset is among the best-selling gaming peripherals available. It comes up with an immersive 7.1 Surround Sound. Also, these earbuds come with 40 mm drivers and software-enabled 7.1 surround sound. This can be downloaded with the help of a code right there inside the box.

The Kraken headset is the lightest of its kind on the market, weighing in at 250 grams. Kraken was recently acquired by Plantronics, which is known for making headsets for people who are on their feet all day. The world is an increasingly noisy place, making it difficult to communicate with clarity. The Bendable Noise Cancelling Microphone is a cardioid microphone that reduces background and ambient noise. It features a flexible gooseneck for convenient use and is available in black or white.

Also, it has the n-Headset Audio Controls, which are light, comfortable, and affordable to use. It has a stereo audio output that enhances the game audio. It comes with an analogue volume control wheel and mic mute switch on the headset for quick and convenient adjustments.


  • Light in weight.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Comes from the best manufacturers.
  • Soft Headband Padding
  • It relieves pressure on the head to prevent strain.
  • The clamping force
  • It creates a firm grip on the head to provide a comfortable and measured fit.


  • Some do not find it a good choice due to variable factors.

5. SADES MPOWER Stereo Gaming Headset


Connectivity TechnologyWired
Form FactorOver-Ear
Noise ControlActive Noise Cancellation

Mpower is a portable gaming headset that can be connected to Steam alongside the PS4, XBOX ONE, laptop, Nintendo Switch, VR, and mobile devices via the audio+mic combined jack. The conversion cable with dual 3.5mm audio and mic jacks is for connecting to game consoles while also providing a stereophonic sound quality during gameplay. The headphones are an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a studio headphone that is comfortable and sounds great. With 50mm speakers, you can hear the trebles, mids, and bass equally. The retractable and flexible microphone picks up your voice clearly, while the earmuffs provide an extreme noise-cancelling feature. The design of the gaming headset is convenient for the gamer. When the gamer is enjoying playing, they can quickly adjust it conveniently, which is very easy to reach. They also have a compatible L-shaped jack at the end of the cable that helps with comfortable posture while playing.

Additionally, the earmuffs in it are padded with skin-friendly leather, which feels extremely soft. These cushioned earmuffs are made of breathable materials that allow you to wear them for a long time. The lining is also safe on the skin.


  • multi-platform gaming headset
  • Stainless Steel Slider Headband.
  • The microphone is retractable and flexible.
  • Stylish Earcups with Iron Mesh


  • No problem with the product.

6. Redragon H350 Pandora White Wired Gaming Headset


Connectivity TechnologyWired
Form FactorOver Ear
Headphones Jack3.5mm Jack

The Redragon H350 Pandora is the first Redragon headset with an RGB backlight. One of the most innovative features is that it can be easily switched between dynamic and static RGB backlit modes via in-line audio controls. The headset also has volume adjustment and mic mute buttons for convenience. It has a 2.0 Channel Surround Sound that is equipped with a 50mm audio driver and intelligent extreme bass, which in turn enhances the sound clarity and provides a phenomenal sound field, making it valuable for various games. Basically, the 2.0 Channel Surround Sound is a portable speaker that can be used to listen to music or play games in stereo, with 50mm audio drivers designed to produce clear, crisp sound.

This has a detachable microphone that eliminates background noise, so your voice is picked up loud and clear. The microphone also features a patented design that prevents it from picking up ambient noise, meaning you can engage in in-game chat or online chat with friends without the need to record yourself with a desktop mic. The Clear Mic can be detached and reattached to your ear when you’re not using it.

This wireless gaming headset is a great choice for gamers and commuters alike. It features a 2cm thick memory foam earpad, giving your ears the comfort they need during marathon sessions or long business trips. This also has a wireless design that provides you with freedom from cables, so you can move around freely without having to worry about tripping over the wire.

The H350 is a headset that can be used on PCs and consoles. It has an adjustable headband that is made of metal, making it very durable. The earpieces are made out of leatherette, which makes them comfortable for long use.


  • Good sound quality.
  • Connectivity is best.
  • It can be used on PCs and consoles.
  • Volume adjustment and mic mute buttons for convenience.


  • People complain about the earpad quality.

7. SVYHUOK White Gaming Headset


Connectivity TechnologyWired
Form FactorOver Ear
Noise ControlSound Isolation

This SVYHUOK headset is designed to be used on many platforms. It supports all the latest generation consoles, including PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo 3DS, and laptops. It also supports PSP, tablets, and iPads.

It has the latest generation of high-quality 50mm magnetic neodymium drivers that deliver high-quality stereo sound and advanced noise isolation technology, bringing you a vivid acoustic experience, clear sound quality, and a shocking bass effect.

This headset comes with a soft-omnidirectional microphone, so you can fix it at any angle. The premium noise-cancelling feature can transmit high-quality communication, picking up sounds with great sensitivity and removing background noise.

These headphones have a mute button and volume control for hand control. Glaring LED lights are designed on the earcups and mic, highlighting the atmosphere of your game. This clearly indicates that a user will be able to enjoy all their favourite games.

Also, the over-ear pads are comfortable to wear, with good air permeability and leather material. The pads are made of the company’s signature memory foam, which forms a perfect seal with the shape of your ears.

The adjustable steel slider is a relatively new invention that has been growing in popularity. It allows the wearer to adjust the size for different head sizes, which makes it customizable to groups of people who are not typically served by one product.


  • LED Light Dazzle Effect
  • Super Heavy Bass Effect
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Cable length: approximately 2.1m


  • Issues with connectivity
  • Problems with earpads

Buying guide:

Well, when you are exploring the market for gaming headsets, multiple options will occupy a place on the list. At that time, it is important to be sure about your needs. Keep the below-mentioned factors in mind so that the purchase will be the best one and there will be no problems. Factors to keep in mind are as follows:-


When you want to pick some of the best headphones, consider the individual sound drivers. The magnet, voice coil, and diaphragm parts work together to deliver a fantastic speaker experience. The more drivers there are, the higher the quality of sound is generated.


In order to buy the best headphones for your gaming needs, you need to consider what type of headphones they have. There are two types of headsets available: on- and over-ears. On-Ears set a good level of noise isolation and provide a high level of comfort due to their lightweight design. Gaming headsets are larger but not as comfortable for long periods of time. Over-ear headsets are more comfortable and slightly heavier.


There is a great variance in the sensitivity of headsets and headphones, which determines how loud they can get. The headphones usually offer sound quality of around 110dB/mW, and anything lower than that will not work. Thus, as a user, you need to be sure of it.

Design and Comfort:

Most people’s ears are different and won’t work with every headset. Because of that, we chose all of these headphones based on their stylish but flexible design that will suit any head shape and provide a comfortable listening experience. When placing an order for a headset, be sure of comfort too.

Frequency Reaction:

The frequency response defines the range of frequency a headset can produce. This is usually measured in Hz, and microphones usually support at least bass sound (20Hz) to treble sound (20000Hz). When you are looking for a new pair of headphones, you will want to make sure that they can produce a frequency response that matches your needs. A good rule of thumb is to find the lowest bass sound and the highest treble sound and make sure they can produce those frequencies as well as ranges in between.


What are the different types of gaming headsets?

There are two types of gaming headsets: wired and wireless. A wired gaming headset has its USB cable plugged into the computer or console, while a wireless headset connects to the device by Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Wired headsets have more lag than their wireless counterparts, but they are cheaper in price.

What are the basics of gaming headsets?

Most gaming headsets are designed to be comfortable for long periods of time. They are usually made with a lightweight design, ear cushions, and a padded headband.

What are the pros and cons of gaming headsets?

Gaming headsets are an important part of the gaming experience. Here are some pros and cons to consider when buying a headset.


  • Immersive audio for video games
  • Noise-cancelling for longer gaming sessions
  • Virtual 7.1 surround sound for an enhanced gaming experience.
  • Better hearing protection from the reduced decibel output
  • Wireless capability with Bluetooth or USB connection.


  • Wires may get in the way during gameplay. Wireless versions may be more expensive.
  • Earcups can cause discomfort after long periods of use.

Which type of headset should I get?

There are many different types of headsets to choose from. So, which one should you get? Consumer VR headsets are cheaper and are known for being more comfortable. They don’t require a powerful PC or console and can be used with a range of devices like smartphones and tablets. On the other hand, the high-end VR headsets such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive provide an even better experience but also come with a higher price tag.

What is the price range for gaming headsets?

There are many different factors that affect the price of a gaming headset. For example, how many speakers they have, the brand of the headset, whether it is wireless or wired.

As a result, there is no specific range as to what a gaming headset costs. The price may be anywhere from $100-$400, depending on all of these factors and more.

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Gaming headphones are the in-thing these days. They are not just for gamers, but for people who listen to music or watch videos too. These headphones allow you to immerse yourself into the world of the video or movie that you’re watching and also provide a more immersive sound experience. Well, while picking the best gaming headset is challenging, we hope this list helps you narrow down your search.

After extensive research, we’ve found the best gaming headsets available today. But if you want to make sure you get the one that’s perfect for your needs, be sure to check their specifications before buying. Stay tuned with us for some more informative reads like this!

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