Snoop Dogg Net worth

Snoop Dogg Net worth:

Net Worth: $135 Million
Age: 47
Born: October 20, 1971
Country of Origin United States of America
Source of Wealth: Professional Rapper
Last Updated: 2019

Snoop Dogg, a musical rapper who has a strong hold over the heart of the entertainment industry, is now a very famous singer, songwriter, rapper and film producer. His main source of wealth is his occupation as a rapper. Today, Fullhow will help you to clear your confusions about Snoop Dogg and we will tell you about his net worth!

Snoop Dogg’s Real name is Cordozar Calvin Broadus Jr. He is 47 years old, born in California, United States of America, dated 20 October 1971.

He was given this nickname of Snoop by his mother when he was very small. According to her, he looked like Snoopy in the peanuts cartoon. Hence, she gave him this name, Snoop that is known by people all around the world.

About his early Life:

When Snoop was very Young, he used to play musical instruments like piano and he also participated in his Church choir.

When he was in the middle school, he started raping. Not only this, but he did not have a peaceful life. He was arrested many times for owning drugs. To remain away from all these troubles, he made his mind towards music.

From where did it started?

He started releasing small tracks with his cousin, Nate Dogg and his friend Warren G. One of his demos attracted Dr. Dre, who later on asked Snoop to give an audition. From here, his net Worth actually started increasing.

 A great success;

Working with Dr. Dre actually helped in his self grooming and they both finally released their album in 1992, “The Chronic”. He got successful and then one year later, Snoop released his solo album doggy style that actually turned his luck. It was the turning point of his life!

This album was released by Death Row Records. To be more precise, in it’s first week, the album actually sold 800,000 copies and it was such a great success that this album was once included in the top 100 rap albums of all times. Later on, more than 10.9 million copies of this album was sold.

How shocking for a new artist who just used to play piano in churches and here he is! Raping in front of the world! From here, his net worth actually bounced to the top!

In 1996, he then released his second studio album, but it didn’t gained as much success as the first one. The album was Doggfather. However,  400,000 copies of this album was sold in the first week.

Snoop’s name dropped a little but then once again, he shined like a bright star in the sky after releasing his sixth album! Da game is to be sold not to be told.

It sold around 100,000 copies in it’s first week! What a great luck! Well, his albums has won the hearts of millions of people! His songs and his raping has great potential to attract the hearts.

It’s very difficult to do raping and then adding power in it. Snoop Dogg has done this! He has released 16 studio albums up till now. Although, all of them didn’t got very successful like the first ones, but Still he has his place in the raping world and no one can replace him!

His net worth:

Snoop Dogg, a man with strong vision and power, has net worth around $135 million which makes him one of the richest rappers of the world. Today, we hold him with a lot of respect just because of his hard work and talent.