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Do you want to give the best wishes on exam to your dear and near one or your friends? If so, this article is for you.

We all have special occasions and important days or an exam. During the time, we wish that luck is in our favor. It may be our final exam, new project, first working days or more but we always pray to God to get his blessing.

In the school, in the institute or in the university, the tests are part of our life from birth to death. Before the exam, the fear, the nervousness, and the tension never disappear.

They might vary in intensity, but they are always there, descending and, sometimes, making us lose the illusion of getting an exam.

In today’s episode, we cannot ask questions about your next exam or control, but we have small pills that will provide you extra energy: motivating phrases to encourage you to study and pass an exam.

Don’t give up your exam!

Lost without strength? Remember that each day can be the beginning of something wonderful. Don’t give up!

Today, you may see everything black, and it is not always possible to overflow positive energy.  When it looks like a gray, cloud has landed on you.  Don’t give up even if it rains, hail or snow!

Powerful and motivating phrases to read before an exam

Let him raise his hand so that he doesn’t get nervous before an exam! What we play before a test can determine part of our future, but that anxiety takes hold of us. Some people are raised to leave their dream because they cannot find the strength to continue until the end.

The motivation is very important to get success till the last moment with all the effort of weeks, months or years. So, read a powerful phrase before the exam that can encourage us to continue…

Example of best wishes on exam

Hello, I know that besides being a super cute and tender girl, you are smart. I know tomorrow will be your exam but I am sure you have many virtues to shine. Tomorrow you will get all that strength and desire that you put in the studio to give your exam.

You don’t need luck, you shine with your own light because you deserve it, tomorrow I will be every moment encouraging you with the thought because I know you can, friend.

–Friend of my life, you told me “tomorrow you will have your final exam”. I would like to wish you the best in this special moment for you. You are a very capable girl and surely you will make an exemplary role in your exhibition. Many successes, beautiful friend!

You can give this exam wishes to your friends or dear ones.

There are certain moments in our life that we receive some words of encouragement and motivation to achieve our purposes from our beloved one.

When these phrases come from someone who wishes us, we know that they are dedicated with all our heart; therefore in this section, we have prepared a selection of phrases. You can use to dedicate them to a person who is undertaking something new and needs your support for success.

5 best for exam wishing messages

  1. “Don’t get nervous because you must trust yourself. You also have the support of your whole family. Whatever happens, you will never be turned away. I wish you good luck with your exam to get success”.


  1. “You are a very intelligent person and you should not let anything because you fear. So far I know you, I’ve always seen that you have sacrificed in your personal, so I have no doubt that you’ll be able to impress us through your exam. Lucky friend”.


  1. “You are a very passionate person; that’s why all your efforts will be rewarded with your achievements. You were born with a good star. I know that she has guided you on the right path because luck has always been on your side.

The only thing I ask is that you never forget your roots and remember those who were always with you in good times and bad”


  1. “I’ve seen how you have sacrificed yourself to achieve where you are today. I know you have much more in your achievements. You are constantly looking to do something new in your life through the exam. May God and luck always be on your side, dear friend. “


  1. “Dear friend, it was a long time since you were waiting to make this trip. Now you are about to fulfill this dream. I would like to congratulate you and wish you the best in this new adventure. You have been able to achieve one of your greatest goals and this is admirable. “

Let’s wish our friends for their success

If you have a friend who is in the same situation, don’t stop sending a beautiful message with which you wish the best success in the exam or project you are undertaking.

Remember that it is very important to have the support of the most special people for us in this kind of beautiful situations.

Choose the phrase that you like. And encourage your dear friend. We can ensure you that they will love such a beautiful gesture on your part. They will feel the support and the good vibes that you send them. Enjoy them in heaps!

The genius is made with 1% talent and 99% work

Anyone is able to get everything they want, we can all be Einstein! And everything depends on you, the time you spend, the effort you use and the work you want to invest in achieving your dream to be a genius.


What do you want to do in your life? Have you thought about what your future will be like in a few years? Do you want to be a doctor, astronaut or teacher? Do not hesitate, you can get it. But for this, it is necessary to dedicate time to study.


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