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School is an institution that’s set up by either government or private body in a systematic way.

We’ve picked up the essay for learning or writing for your children who are studying in Nursery, KG, or class 1 to 10. Encourage your kids for writing essay following simple and easy My School Essay.

Have you ever sat at your table trying to finish your homework but you can’t get started.

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Here, you go!

Before jumping to the main point, I just want to share a brief description of my own school essay.

I started going to school at age 5, like most children. I entered for my basic preparation before entering primary school. It was my first school experience in a small school, at the end of the street.

There I learned several things;   to live with my companions, to develop with them, among other things. Already in class, my teacher taught me a lot. He had a very effective system. He had a vast experience as he had been several years working in that school.

We had soccer fields, basketball, more classrooms, several teachers for each group, and also many classmates. I made several friends in elementary school; with them I shared many things.

By the end of my senior year, we all went for a walk on the part of the school, to a museum in London where we made a lot of fun and enjoyment.

Just like mine, everyone has their own school story. If you’re a kid, you’re passing those days. When you just sit down to write your school essay, you can bring the whole profile of your school that you like most. It’s not a difficult job. Just write your loving things about your school.

If you’re told to write about school essay, just try to include these following points:

  1. Write your school’s name
  2. Give location
  3. In which class you study?
  4. How do you go to your school?
  5. Mention your school – rooms, garden, playground, drinking water, and toilet facility.
  6. Number of students you have
  7. The number of teachers you have
  8. Mention the library – assistance rendered and purposes served.
  9. The function of your school on different occasions
  10. Anything else that you like to include to make your essay stand out

Long and short essays on my school in English

My school’s name is Kendrick school (just write down your school name). This is one of the best schools in London (just write your city’s name).  I study in class four. Our school is situated in London.

I go to school on the school bus.  Our school has 30 classrooms.  Besides, there is also a large playground to play in.  The playground is beautifully covered with grass.  Our school has two beautiful gardens with plenty of flowers such as roses, sunflowers, hibiscus or seasonal blooms.

When it comes to teachers, we have 20 teachers who frankly teach us whole the subjects. The honorable teachers teach us with great caring and attention.  Besides, the principal of our school is Mr. Jonson.  Our school is beautifully furnished and very airy.

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We have 1500 students in our school.  We have a large library with beautiful pieces of books.  Our teachers teach us how to learn school rules or how to honor and obey teachers/elders.

Special care is always taken to weak students by our teachers. Around the year, all the functions and cultural program add the next level of your school with the participation of all the students, teachers and guardians.

The Annual prize ceremony is the best of the day. I’m so proud of my school. I respect and love my school.

Example of my school essay for nursery

My school is a very renowned school across the UK. First of all, we pray to God very early in the morning. Then, we begin accomplishing our homework. I love to go to school every day. My school has good strict rules that each student needs to follow. I like my school dress so much. Our school is located 3 km away from my home.

I use my school to buy for going to school. My school has a good environment that’s away from pollution, dust, noise or smoke of the city.

Our school is very beautiful. We have a playground for children to play at a recreational time.  We have 1500 students and 25 teachers. The teachers are very friendly. They take well care for the weak students. We have a big library to study and common room to read newspapers or group studies. I love all my teachers and they teach with special techniques.

Our teachers teach us how to obey the school rules and they also teach to be punctual, honest and above all a good human. Our school celebrates all types of cultural programs that encourage all of us to be cultural.

You can also include these notes for children to write my school essay in English

  1. Describe the things that you love about your school.
  2. Mention the good quality of your teachers.
  3. Write something about your school
  4. Write something about your school function that you like most

Always try to add something more to make your essay especial from others.

Finally, we’ve reached on the final part of the article. Hopefully, you’ve got the complete idea of my school essay. While writing, just follows our tips to write well. Revise our notes more and more; thus you’ll be able to write a good my school essay.

2nd article update on January 2022

My School Essay

School is the most important part of anyone’s life. We spend at least 18 years of our life in school and it becomes our second home. We wake up every morning to go there and learn things that will help us survive the world, and match the speed with which the world is progressing.

We learn our basic values through school. School teaches us the manners and the essential etiquettes that we need to get through life. Not only that, school is a place where we make millions of memories with our teachers and friends. The experiences we learn through school are precious and extremely valuable and they can’t be replaced no matter what.

We have written 5 short essays on My School to help students who want to write an essay on My School for their English creative writing class. These essays are great if you want to get an inspiration to create your own creative essay on My School. These essays will make you relish your school life and it will also make you understand how much you love your school.

Read below 5 unique essays on My School and do tell us which one you liked the best.

  1. My School Essay Introduction (50 words):

School is the best place to build confidence, create ever lasting friendships and to learn to work together as a team. School helps us understand many things happening in daily life and shows us the path to success. It builds the basic block of our personalities and becomes a place where we can harness our creative abilities.

  1. Short My School Essay (300 words)

A school teaches the students to become better citizens. It also makes sure that the students learn values to create a better future for them. School is the place where a nation is developed to become strong and confident.

I go to a public school in New Jersey. It has around 20 class rooms, 5 labs and 3 staff rooms. It also has a huge playground and library for the benefit of students. My school also has a wide cafeteria where we get lunch every day from Mrs. Smith and Mr. Jones.

The teachers of my school are one of the best teachers in the world. They love us and treat us like their own kids. They listen to our problems and give attention to each kid so no one feels left out.

My school’s library is equipped with the best books. Be it a science fiction book, or a classical literature— you can find everything there. We go to visit our school’s library every week and borrow our favorite books. Sometimes, our teacher asks us to read a book and give our opinions on the book which creates a healthy discussion in class.

One of the best things about my school is the debating club. My school boasts with pride as it has the best debating club and the students win at almost every debating competition, they participate in. Not only that, in fact even in sports the students of my school are always at #1. This makes me feel very proud that I am a part of such distinguished schools in the city. This is why I always try to be an overachiever so I can brighten my school’s name in the world and be the cause of pride for my teachers and parents.

  1. Another Short My School Essay (300 words)

My school is one of the most popular schools in the city. It has a spacious and beautiful building and a huge playground where I and my friends play every day. The playground in my school also has a lot of swings and slides. We also get to play basketball and football and sometimes we play badminton as well. My school also has a big library filled with books. We are allowed to go to library every once in a week and borrow 2 books at a time for 1 week. I love reading books and regularly visit library to get recommendations from my library in-charge. We are also allowed to put our own recommendations for books to library in-charge so she can get those books for us.

We also get to have a physical education period every week in which we learn to play different games. However, our physical education in charge has recently decided that we will allot 10 minutes of each class to learn about self-defense. We have requested him to teach us all karate next as all the classmates are very interested to learn Karate.

We also have science labs in our school. These include physics lab, chemistry lab and even a bio lab. We also have a computer lab in our school. In our chemistry period, we go to chemistry lab and do wonderful experiments based on chemical reactions. Our Chemistry teacher advises us so we don’t do any mistake. In our Physics period, we go to Physics lab to learn about classical mechanics, oscillation, electricity and magnetisms and actions and their reactions. Bio lab is reserved for Biology students and they learn about medical biology and human anatomy in it. For Computer Science students, computer lab is present to teach us about hardware and software. I enjoy my school a lot and I love going to school because it gives me a chance to learn new things every day.

  1. My School Essay in English  (500 words)

My school has been an amazing place for me to grow and learn many abilities. I started going to this school when I was 3 years old. I have met so many amazing people here. I have learned so much from my brilliant teachers who work so hard to make sure that we understand all the concepts in class. Everyone is extremely nice in my school. The administration staff is always helpful whenever we face any issue and solves all our problems related to admission processes. Even the janitorial staff is super amazing. We always greet them when we come to school every day because that’s what our parents and teachers have taught us. Our teachers have always taught us to respect everyone and that if you don’t give respect, you don’t deserve it either.

My school is built on a red brick building. It has wonderfully spacious classes which are roomy enough to withhold around 30 children at one time. We have beautiful and clean whiteboards in each class. Right in front of whiteboards, a big brown desk and a nice comfortable chair is placed for our respected teachers. Even though there is a chair for each teacher, our teachers hardly get to sit on it as they like to roam around in class while teaching so that each student can give more attention to the course material she is teaching.

My school has a wide and airy auditorium that we use for assembly. Every day at 8 o clock in the morning, our school assembly starts and we have to gather around. The assembly starts with introduction of the class and then the class whose duty is assigned for assembly that day gets to present a small play or a skit which is very educational. Sometimes our principal also gives a 2-minute lecture on a good topic. We end our assembly by singing National Anthem. Then we are dispersed to our classes, but before that, our Gym teacher checks our nails and gives half-time to people will long nails.

My school also has a very nice cafeteria Every day, at exactly 12:30 our 4th period of school gets over and then we run towards the canteen to buy yummy snacks. Sometimes the line is so long that we don’t even get the chance to buy snacks and the recess break gets over. In those cases, we have to go back hungry in class and we don’t even get the time to play some games in break.

I spend 8 hours of my day in school and enjoy it very much. I love my school and feel so obliged that God gave me the chance to go to a wonderful school and also to get education that will help me grow into a successful person in life. My school teachers and staff go out of their way to help us learn and enjoy school more. One day, I will return the favor to my school and achieve something so great that my school will be proud of me.

  1. My School Essay on Routine (600 words)

School is the most important place for us. It helps us build a network of friends, teach us about the development of the world and prepare us for our practical life ahead. It gives us a wealth of knowledge and helps us put our thinking cap on every day. It helps us prepare for our career and guide us towards everything that we are passionate about. It teaches us discipline and integrity.

My school routine typically starts at 5:30 in the morning. I wake up and go for a jog in the park for half an hour. Then I come back home, brush my teeth and take a nice shower. Then I wear my school uniform and do my breakfast with my family. My father is a very disciplined man and he doesn’t like it when we are late for anything so I always try to be done with my breakfast within 15 minutes. Then I wait for my school bus which comes at 7 am. My school bus driver is a very nice man and he makes sure that we always reach our school on time. At exact 7:50 am I reach my school and place my bag in my class and then go out in the ground for assembly.

Our assembly lasts for 20 minutes in which we hear beautiful renditions of poems by classical authors, informative debates on science and education and then end it by reciting national anthem of the United States of America. However, very recently our gym teacher has started this initiative that we do 5-minute stretches before we leave the ground. This makes us feel very fresh so that when we go in our class, our tiredness is gone away and we can enjoy the class more.

After stretching for 5 minutes we leave for our classes in lines. When we reach our class, my class teacher Mrs. Brown takes our attendance. We have to sit very obediently and silently even if we are very excited for the day. Our first period is of Science which is taught by Mrs. Brown. In our Science class, we learn so much about the world and how it came into existence. We learn about technological advances in medicine, health, environment and natural hazards.

Our next period is of Mathematics. In this class, we learn about geometry and trigonometry, algebra and data management. My favorite mathematical concept is algebra as we learn about equalities, expressions and mathematical equations in it.

The next two periods are of French and English. We learn about poetry and literature in French and English. Our English Teacher Mr. Hans is a very intelligent man and he goes out of his way to make sure that we are enjoying his class and understanding all the concepts. He teaches us about Shakespeare, Jane Austen, George Eliot and Charles Dickens.

At 12:30pm, we have our regular recess break in which we have our lunch and then play games such as hide and seek, catch the thief, merry go round etc. After the recess we have our Computer, Social Studies and Art Class. I particular enjoy Computer class the most as we get to learn new technological advances. Currently we are learning Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel on Computer and I am enjoying every bit of it.

We end our school day at 2pm. By that time, we are very tired and eager to go home and get some rest, but even then, we are very excited to be back at school the next day. We love our school very much.


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