Gaming laptops have innovated to the point that they are not only used by gamers anymore. The desire to own the best gaming laptop has increased significantly in the general population hence driving up the demand for the machine.

We can contribute the rise of gaming laptops to two factors. The first being that gaming laptops are now more practical than ever. Manufacturers are doing their best to channel the most hardware into a slim and lightweight chassis. The big, fat, and bulky image of gaming laptops that we have in our minds does not hold water anymore. 

The other reason being that many PC gamers are transitioning over to the gaming laptop industry due to the current hike in the price of PC hardware. If we look at the current market a comparably equipped gaming laptop provides a much better value than a gaming PC.

This is all good, but the problem occurs when a consumer shops for his gaming laptop. The reality of today’s market is that there are just so many options to choose from and then there is the vastly fluctuating price of the different laptops.

To make things more simplified in this article we have chosen to list the best gaming laptops under $1500. We have chosen the $1500 price tag as it is a middle ground between the expensive laptops and the cheaper ones.

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Best Overall

  • Thin and light chassis
  • Amazing battery life for such a thin and powerful machine
  • Ryzen 4900hs processor is a beast performer

Best Performance

  • Clean and simple design
  • 4 zone RGB keyboard
  • Nvidia RTX 2070 graphics card

Best Quality

  • Clean and industrial design
  • RTX 3070 graphics card
  • 8 core Intel I7 11800H processor

Buyers Guide:

Best Performance

1. ASUS Zephyrus G14

Asus had the audience drooling during the launch premier of the Zephyrus G14 and rightfully so because this was the first thin and light gaming laptop that compromised on literally nothing to achieve the slim and sexy profile. Ever since that the thin and light gaming laptop industry has picked up at a rapid pace so does this laptop still hold up to the throne of being the best gaming laptop under $1500? Well, let’s see.


  • Thin and light chassis
  • Industrial and classy design
  • Amazing battery life for such a thin and powerful machine
  • Ryzen 4900hs processor is a beast performer
  • 1TB of fast SSD storage


  • Plasticky feel when in hand
  • Lack of an ethernet jack hurts the competitive hopefuls
  • Horrible speakers

Design and Build Quality

Asus Zephyrus G14 has a classy and traditional design. There are no flashy gimmicks on the exterior of the device and the Asus branding is also recessed to a corner. Unlike other gaming laptops which tend to have big logos and flashy lighting Asus has gone with a cleaner and subtle design here.

The laptop is available in either an eclipse grey or moonlight white color. If you want your laptop to have even less bling, then go with the grey color as it supports a matte finish. To spice up the appearance a bit this laptop has CNC milled holes like you would find on a speaker grill of modern laptops that run diagonally on the lid of the laptop.

These may or maybe not be someone’s cup of tea, but one thing is for sure that these holes collect dust like a magnet. Cleaning the dust is also painstakingly difficult. Overall, the design of the Asus Zephyrus is minimalist and simple. Asus was going for a laptop that can be used in every situation and looking for that perspective I think they did a good job with the design.

Gaming laptops need to be well built since they are prone to much more wear than a regular laptop and Asus understand this. The Zephyrus G14 is made from magnesian alloy that is not only lightweight but also rigid providing the laptop with great solidity. The material is also dense and therefore this laptop has no flex on the keyboard deck or lid. The only negative I found in terms of the build is the subpar hand feel of the device. This laptop feels plasticky to grip which is something I was not expecting.

Keyboard, Trackpad, and Speakers

The Asus Zephyrus G14 has one of the most comfortable keyboard on the market. With deep travel and cushiony keys, this laptop is a treat to type on and never gets tiring making it perfect for long gaming sessions.

Despite having 1.7mm travel the keys still feel tactile in the rebound leading to a very satisfying keystroke. If you are wondering about the lighting unfortunately this laptop only has white keyboard backlighting and none of the fancy RGB stuff.

The trackpad is also as good as it gets in a gaming laptop. It is precise, accurate, and gets the job done when you are not using a mouse with your gaming laptop. After so many positives let’s come to the major off-putting factor of this laptop which is its speakers.

This laptop has two bottom-firing speakers and to put it bluntly these speakers are terrible. Many users have also reported crackling noise coming from the speakers so use a headphone here instead of the internal speakers.

Display, Battery life, and I/O

Zephyrus G14 comes with a 1080p 120hz refresh panel. While other manufacturers are offering higher refresh rate panels, I would still rate this display over the competitors due to its sheer color reproduction capability. This panel has 96% sRGB color gamut coverage and the contrast of the panel is also fantastic. The display of the laptop is great for both fast-paced gaming as well as for enjoying movies and media.

The new AMD chips on this laptop are so efficient making poor battery life a thing of the past. Despite having an average size 76W battery this laptop lasts for 6-7 hours on YouTube video playback. With even lighter use like browsing, you can expect the battery to last an hour longer. Gaming on the machine will still kill the battery in under 2 hours which is more than enough backup you need in a pinch for gaming.

Honestly speaking I was surprised by the I/O of the laptop as due to the slim chassis I was not expecting a whole lot of ports. Some trade-offs had to be made and you are not getting an ethernet jack here but besides that, you are covered on the connectivity front with every port that is required in a modern gaming laptop. Thunderbolt is also lacking but that is due to AMD not having the right for the port so cannot blame Asus.

Gaming Performance and Thermals

The specifications of the Zephyrus G14 are right on the money for a thin and light gaming laptop. At the heart of the system is the Ryzen 4900hs processor. This 8 core 16 thread processor from AMD demolishes its counterpart from Intel in every metric hence making it one the fastest 8 core processors around.


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Powering the graphics core is Nvidia RTX 2060. This graphics card is perfectly suited for this laptop given it has only a 1080p 120hz screen. With the combination of the ultra-fast and efficient Ryzen 4900hs and the Nvidia RTX 2060, you will be able to play any game that is currently on the market at maximum setting. This laptop will also prove to be great in the long run as it has good performance headroom in the current generation games.

If you plan on using this laptop for the long term you will be delighted to hear that it comes with a whopping 1TB SSD. The SSD is also blazing fast so you are getting the real deal here in terms of storage. Asus has also configured the 16GB RAM of this laptop in a dual-channel configuration to squeeze out just that extra ounce of performance.

Given this laptop is chock-full of demanding hardware in a thin and light chassis people expect it to have dreadful cooling but the reality is quite opposite. Asus has done just enough with the cooling to keep the 8 core processor and the Nvidia RTX 2060 at bay. This laptop never throttles regardless of how hard you push it. Overall, this laptop hits a home run in every gaming-related and thermal-related department.


Remember when I put forward the question that does Asus Zephyrus G14 still sit on the throne of the best gaming laptop under $1500. Well by now you would have made out why it was on the throne in the first place and according to me the qualities that this laptop has are still unmatched. It is simply the best gaming laptop you can buy if you are looking for a thin and light everyday machine.

Best Performance

2.  Acer Triton 300

The Triton laptop is the best Acer has to offer so a lot is riding on the machine for the brand. Acer has always pulled out its A-game with each refresh of the Trition 300 and the 10th generation is the best one put out by far. Whatever Acer has done has here with this laptop has worked and it tops our chart as the best performing laptop under $150


  • Clean and industrial design
  • Good build quality
  • Comfortable keyboard to type on
  • 8 core Intel I7 11800H processor
  • RTX 3070 graphics card


  • Inefficient cooling system leading to throttling
  • No thunderbolt support
  • The Nvidia RTX 3070 is capped at 85W

Design and Build Quality

The design of the Acer Triton 300 is rather mature and laid back for such a high-caliber gaming laptop. Acer has played very safely with the design by providing the laptop a minimalist chassis.

There is not much going on with the chassis of this laptop and it looks and feels purpose-built. The laptop also does not feature any obnoxious and tacky branding but rather a clean-looking predator logo fills the lid. This logo has a blue outline around the edges, pretty similar to the other Acer mentioned on this list.

There is not much else to talk about the design of the laptop and maybe partly the reason behind the lackluster reception of this laptop in the mainstream audience avoids is due to its rather bland design.

Anyways moving on to the build quality and right of the bat this laptop gives a good impression. The chassis is well put together and there were minimal gaps and rough edges around the laptop. The laptop is also very solid and does not flex or wobble around when pressure is applied to the deck or the screen. Overall, a well-built laptop with little to nothing to complain about.

Keyboard, Trackpad, and Speakers

Acer has hit a home run with the keyboard. It is one of the finest keyboards to type on as it features both a satisfying travel distance and a tractile press. Despite being a full-size /keyboard on a 15-inch chassis it does not feel cramped.

Acer has done a good job with the positioning and the spacing of the keys. As expected from a $1500 laptop this keyboard also features four zone RGB lighting that is controlled via the Predator Sense software.

I trackpad I feel like is offset to the left a little more than usual but no complaints with the usage. It is a click anywhere trackpad and features a smooth glass surface. It uses Windows precision drivers and tracking is very accurate. Using gestures to navigate through the user interface works great as well.

Coming to the speakers and them you are getting the usual Acer treatment here. That translates to loud but impact-less speakers with lacking bass response. The detail and clarity of these speakers are also not much good either. Using external headphones for gaming is a more superior choice than these included speakers.

Display, Battery Life and I/O

The Acer Triton 300 gets a 1080p 144hz refresh rate display. We have also seen similar numbers on most of the other gaming laptops in this price range as well so nothing special to report here.

In terms of the picture quality, the display falls in the ‘look once and forget about it category’ as the panel here is nothing special. It is pleasant to look at but so are most of its competitors. For a laptop to stand out in the $1500 price range it needs to have an amazing panel. Good is no longer the benchmark in the class.

This laptop packs some pretty beefy hardware yet still Acer has decided to skimp on the battery. This laptop only gets a 58W battery which is not fitting for a laptop of this caliber. Hence, we can only expect a battery backup of 4 hours on light usage. Anything more is just stretching the battery too much.

Another area where this laptop missed the mark is connectivity. Acer has gone through such a hassle to incorporate all the ports on a thin and light chassis and the result on paper look pretty good. Yet despite having all the other ports this laptop lacks the most important one that being the thunderbolt port. Manufacturers need to understand that thunderbolt port is becoming the need of the time.

If you can live without the thunderbolt port the rest of the I/O is pretty good. On the right side, we have a Kensington lock, ethernet jack, 2x USB 3.2 ports, and a combo 3.5mm Audio/Mic jack. The ports on the left side include the likes of Mini DisplayPort which supports Nvidia G-SYNC, HDMI, USB 3.2, and a USB-C 3.2 Gen 2.

Gaming Performance and Thermals

This is the segment where this laptop can fully flex its muscles and dominate its competitors. The Acer predator triton is powered by a 6 core 12 thread Intel I7 10750H processor. This processor has a fast clock speed and is capable of boosting up to 5GHz.

Given the fast core clock coupled with the shere amount of processing capability provided by 6 computing cores, you can pretty much run any game on this laptop without maxing out the CPU.

This fast and capable processor is paired with the Nvidia RTX 2070 graphics card. The RTX 2070 is the king of the high refresh rate 1080p gaming and 60hz 1400p gaming as well. Needless to say, this GPU will provide you over 100fps on 1080p resolution and at least 60fps in 1440p. Of course, some games will act as outliers here but then you can tweak the graphic setting of those games to achieve the above-stated figures. 

If we take some popular games as a reference, then you can expect 140+ fps in Apex Legends and Fortnite. While in COD WarZone FPS stay within the 90-100 threshold. In a more demanding game like Red Dead Redemption, the FPS will hover around the 50 mark.

Gaming performance is just half of the equation and many of us gamers use laptops for productivity tasks as well. For that purpose, this laptop includes 16GB RAM which is running at 2933MHz. The storage is also plentiful with a capacity of 1TB. The storage is in the form of an SSD hence it is fast as well on top of being ample. This laptop, therefore, fulfills the purpose of being a beastly gaming laptop as well as a fast productivity machine.


Acer Predator Triton 300 is not only slim but also very powerful. This laptop combines the perfect amount of power and portability. To achieve this some sacrifices had to be made, the most significant being the inclusion of a small battery to reduce the bulk of the laptop. Despite all these sacrifices, this laptop is still a great overall package and one that you should consider as your next laptop.

Best Keyboard

3. HP Omen 15

Hp Omen has always been the underdog when it comes to sub $1500 gaming laptops and is often overshadowed by the more popular options. Part of the blame also goes to Hp as Omen laptops have always been mediocre but no more. Presenting to you the latest generation Omen which is all set to take on the best offerings in the industry.


  • Clean and industrial design
  • Matte black chassis provides a sleek look
  • Keyboard has an excellent layout
  • Nice looking 1080p 144hz screen
  • The excellent cooling system keeps temperatures pretty low
  • Good gaming performance


  • The trackpad gets in the way of the WASD keys when gaming
  • Subpar battery life of only 5 hours
  • The high-pitched fan noise can be annoying

Design and Build Quality

Hp has moved away from the gamery design, and this laptop represents their latest design language. The new HP Omen has a very clean and minimal monotone matte black chassis which looks quite appealing actually.

This year on the lid of the laptop has a diamond-shaped logo to signify that this is an Omen gaming laptop. This logo has a blue/green gradient finish to it and depending on the light and the angle you see it from it looks different in each condition. This diamond-shaped logo adds some contrast to the matte black exterior and honestly looks rather unique and refreshing.

Moving onto the build quality and right of the bat, the use of metal for the lid and keyboard deck is indicative of the robustness and toughness of the laptop. Being made from metal this laptop exhibits minimal flex or wobble and the general fit and finish of the product are also well refined. The problem that persists however is that when this laptop has closed the part of the lid that is on the keyboard is not supported by any surface beneath. This leaves a gap between the lid and the keyboard deck which can prove to be fatal when gripping the laptop from the top section as it can lead to screen damage in severe cases. This, however, is quite rare and with proper use, you can get away with it. Otherwise, despite this design flaw, the overall build of the laptop is quite good

Keyboard, Trackpad, and Speakers

Hp Omen 15 deserves a place in the Hall of fame list of laptops because of its keyboard. The layout here is so good that honestly after using this keyboard it’s a shame seeing other manufacturers not implement this about layout. What I am talking about is that the layout of the keyboard here resembles a desktop keyboard.

The arrow cluster and navigation cluster are separated from the main key section like you would find in an actual keyboard. Using the keyboard on this laptop requires no adjusting period and granted you are accustomed to a desktop keyboard you will feel right at home here. The keys themselves are also very satisfying to press making for an excellent typing experience.

Fans of RGB also rejoice as this keyboard features 4 zone RGB lighting as well. Besides the keyboard, the trackpad of this laptop is also fairly smooth and precise to use. But due to the trackpad being offset to the left it can cause accidental swipes when using the W, A, S, D keys for gaming so we recommend turning off the trackpad when gaming.

The speakers of this laptop are classically mediocre like most other gaming laptops. The BANG & OLUFSEN tuning does not make much of a difference here, so we recommend sticking to headphones for gaming.

Display, Battery life, and I/O

The 1080p 144hz panel of the Hp Omen scores high numbers in terms of color accuracy and brightness. It has a full 100% coverage of the sRGB color spectrum and due to this panel being IPS it has deep blacks and vivid colors. This makes the laptop not only good for gaming but also content creation and consumption.

The bright and vivid panel of this Hp omen requires more juice to function. The fact that this laptop has an Intel processor does not help the battery life either. Despite having a relatively large 71Wh battery this laptop only delivered a backup time of 5 hours. That was measured when playing YouTube videos and browsing the web.

For charging this laptop you do get a fast 200W AC power adapter. By using this adapter, the laptop can be charged from 0 to 50% in just 45 minutes approximately. The barrel-type power port is tucked away from the top left side of the laptop.

Below the power plug, we get an ether jack, followed by a USB Type-A, HDMI 2.0, 3.5mm combo Audio/Mic jack, and an SD card slot. On the right side from the top, we have dual USB Type-A slots, Mini DisplayPort, and a USB-C with Thunderbolt 3 support.

Gaming Performance and Thermals

Let’s begin this segment with the thermals as this is the area where Hp has been struggling for a while now. Happy to report that with this latest model this issue has become a memory of the past.

This laptop has a beefier and more complex cooling solution.  Hp has increased the number of heat pipes to properly displace the heat coming from the components. The fans are also more efficient and this all results in a much cooler system overall.

Despite having an Intel I7 10750H processor and Nvidia RTX 2060 graphics card which are known to run hot this laptop manages surprisingly low temperatures. Seeing the i7 throttle under load is a common sight on most laptops but this HP Omen. This laptop manages to keep all the components relatively cool, hence avoiding any throttling due to thermal limitation. The other components of the laptop include 16GB RAM running in the dual-channel configuration. For the storage, we have a 512GB SSD and a 32GB Intel Optane drive.

This is a great achievement for Hp and what it entails for gaming is that we here see the full power of the RTX 2060 graphics card and the Intel I7 processor. With this much performance potential at the helm, this laptop crushed through any game at the 1080p resolution.

Demanding games like Red Dead Redemption, Assassins Creed, and similar will run at stable 60FPS on this laptop at max settings. Other games like COD WarZone, Apex legends, Fortnite, Valorant, CSGO, Dota will easily cross the 100fps mark hence taking advantage of the high rate.


HP Omen is finally out of the doldrums of being a mediocre laptop. The new Omen not only redefines cooling in the segment but also has a sleek and classy design. This laptop is now a proper contender to the other popular laptops like the Lenovo Legion 5 and one worthy of considering as your next purchase if you like what Hp has done here with the new Omen 15.

Best on Paper Specs

4. MSI GL66

The MSI GL66 is the only laptop on this list to feature Nvidia RTX 3070 graphics card. This reason alone makes it a contender for the best gaming laptop throne but unfortunately due to some shortcomings, it could not make the top of the list. Let’s see those flaws now.


  • Clean and industrial design
  • Good build quality
  • Comfortable keyboard to type on
  • 8 core Intel I7 11800H processor
  • RTX 3070 graphics card


  • Inefficient cooling system leading to throttling
  • No thunderbolt support
  • The Nvidia RTX 3070 is capped at 85W
  • Nvidia RTX 3070 has the ability to covert the 3090 card into GTX 570

Design and Build Quality

Distinctively MSI yet so classically unique. This one sentence perfectly describes the design of the MSI GL66. If you are not familiar with MSI’s designs, then let me explain to you how this laptop looks.

The lid part of the laptop has a gunmetal finish that has a subtle texture to it. On the lid is a central position dragon logo which representative of the company. We also get the usual line jutting from the bottom of the lid and running parrel to the dragon logo. This is a classic MSI design, and I have to say I like the execution here with the grey finish.

As far as the build quality is concerned, MSI laptops always have performed well in this regard and this laptop is no exception. The chassis is solid and all moving parts like the hinge are well-engineered. Overall, the build quality here is what you would expect in a top gaming laptop under $1500.

Keyboard, Trackpad, and Speakers

This is another win for the MSI GL66. The keyboard of this laptop has a great satisfying feel to it and the key are nice to press. The only downside is that you are not getting the well-famed MSI per-key RGB lighting here. As a cost-saving measure, you only get a traditional single-zone RGB but at least the colors are fully customizable through the Dragon Center software.

The trackpad here is tiny in contrast to the rest of the body. Due to the small size of the trackpad, it does not feel as comfortable to use as other laptops with large trackpads. The actual click mechanism however is quite good and the tracking accuracy is also fine.

When it comes to the speakers no laptop so far has been on the level, we expect at this price range and the MSI GL66 is also not going to change that either. The speakers here are classically mediocre as other gaming laptops in this price range. So, I recommend you use headphones or external speakers when playing games to get the full audio experience.

Display, Battery life, and I/O

The screen of this laptop is fine just nothing special to be had here. The 1080p panel of this laptop supports a refresh rate of 144Hz. This spec is in line with the other best gaming laptops on this list.

The picture of the screen is also nothing spectacular. It has okay colors and the other metrics like contrast and brightness also measure in around the industry standard. So, as you can see this laptop has decent but not quite close to the best laptops out there. For this reason, this laptop gets swept away among the numerous other laptops in a pile of mediocre screen laptops.

MSI has given this laptop a really small battery of just 53Wh. This is worrisome as the laptop has pretty beefy hardware to power and hence just as expected this laptop does not well perform in the battery life department. It will give you an average of just 4-5 hours that too when you use the laptop for light tasks. For heavy tasks or gaming forget about using the laptop on battery and just have it plugged in.

The I/O another really important aspect of gaming laptops. In this department, the first thing that is seen today is whether the laptop has a thunderbolt port or not, and unfortunately, the MSI GL66 does not offer a thunderbolt port. It does however offer a USB-C Gen 3.2 port and an HDMI for connecting the laptop to external displays.

The other ports on this laptop include 2x USB Type-A 3.2, USB Type-A 2.0, ethernet port, 3.5mm combo Audio/Mic headphone jack, and a barrel-type power port. The power port is conveniently tucked away at the top right of the laptop hence it does not interface with the USB ports when a mouse is connected.

Gaming Performance and Thermals

The gaming performance of the MSI GL66 is fueled by the latest 11th generation Intel I7-11800H processor and the Nvidia RTX 3070 graphics card.

The I7 featured here is the top-of-the-line 8 core 16 thread version. This is currently the best processor you can get right now from Intel for the $1500 price range. From the laptops featured on this list, only three laptops contain this processor one being of course the MSI GL65 laptop.

While the processor here is pretty solid unfortunately the graphics card does not deliver the expected performance. The RTX 3070 here is an underclocked variant and has a TDP of 85W rather than the 130W of the fully-fledged variant of the RTX 3070. This watered-down RTX 3070 has a similar performance to the RTX 3060 albeit a little bit better.

The performance you are getting here is still better than most gaming laptops but shy of what you expect from an 8 core Intel processor and the RTX 3070. The reason for this is that the cooling system of the MSI GL66 is efficient enough to keep the RTX 3070 running at its full potential. Even the 85W reaches the thermal limit here when pushing the card too hard and throttles as a result.

Apart from the Intel I7 11800H and the Nvidia RTX 3070 graphics card, this laptop has 16GB RAM and a 512GB SSD. Given the price the specifications of this machine are quite impressive, just a shame that the cooling system is not well executed.

As for what to expect when playing games, you can count on this laptop to run every game at maximum settings on the 1080p resolution. The 144Hz screen here is beneficial as more often than not games on this laptop will run at a high frame rate hence taking advantage of the high refresh rate screen.


MSI GL66 turned out to be just as we expected. The price tag of $1500 seems just a little too real for the specs you are getting here and taking a close look at the laptop you can see the cost measures they have done. The biggest letdown of this laptop however is the 85W RTX 3070 as it does not deliver the performance close to an actual 130W RTX 3070. Still Nonetheless for what it is you are getting a pretty sweet deal with this laptop, and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to you granted you know what you are getting into.

Best Laptop for Gaming Enthusiasts

5. Eluktronics Max-15

Eluktronics is not a widely known brand among the masses, but it is deeply respected in the enthusiast laptop community. A simple trip to Reddit or any enthusiast laptop forum and you will see people rave about Eluktronic laptops. Eluktronics Max-15 is the companies reply to the thin and light gaming laptops but in typical Eluktronics fashion, this laptop has much better performance for the dollar and includes enthusiast-level customization


  • Simple uncluttered design
  • Slim and Sleek chassis
  • Wonderful display to look at
  • 1080p 144hz panel
  • Best in class gaming performance
  • Excellent cooling


  • The keyboard has room for improvement
  • Very weak battery life
  • The fan gets very loud when gaming

Design and Build Quality

The Eluktronics Max-15 has a simple and purposeful design. This laptop is not littered with tacky gamery stuff like you would expect in other gaming laptops. The laptop also does not feature any unnecessary logos or branding. The chassis of this laptop has a generic Ultrabook feel about it which is to say it is quite minimalist.

The most striking thing about the Eluktronics Max-15 is the slimness of the chassis. Seeing the specs of this laptop in a chassis this slim is quite surprising honestly. For reference, the chassis has a depth of only 0.77mm while also weighing under 4lbs.

If you are speculating that they were able to achieve the weight by compromising on the build of the laptop then you will find it surprising that the laptop is made from aluminum with only the bottom cover being plastic.

Due to the material choice, the deck of the keyboard is firm and feels solid to the touch. The lid of the laptop is also sturdy and exhibits minimal flex. Overall, the build quality of the laptop is great, and it makes for a durable daily companion.

Keyboard, Trackpad, and Speakers

The keyboard and the trackpad of this laptop can be summed up as being practical. There is nothing special about the keyboard and trackpad here. They get the job done without being a deterrent. As standard, you do get an RGB keyboard with this laptop which too is expected given the price of the machine.

One peculiar thing about the keyboard is that right beside the power button there is a dedicated key that opens the control center of the laptop. (more on the control center in the gaming segment)

The speakers of the Eluktronics Max-15 also follow the same direction. They are useable for gaming as well as for media consumption. Despite lacking a rich sound signature which is to be expected from laptop speakers they get pretty loud and bassy.


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Display, Battery life, and I/0

Most micro brands tend to skimp on the display as a cost-cutting measure but with Eluktronics you are none of that. The panel you are getting here is one of the best you will find in a $1500 gaming laptop.

This 1440p IPS panel supports a refresh rate of 165Hz and is also G-Sync compatible. The panel also has very low response times to boot coming in at only 4ms. Technical stuff aside, this panel is also visually pleasing. It has excellent color reproduction and a good contrast ratio. Pictures and videos on this panel look crisp and vivid.

Until now this laptop has excelled in every department, but no laptop is perfect and there are some compromises with this one as well. This leads us to the first con of this laptop which has to be the battery life. For such a spec-heavy laptop it only has a 76W battery which translates to only 3-4 hours of battery backup. This is abysmal when compared to the 6 or even more hours provided by other laptops.

The manufacturer has included a MUX switch by which you can use this laptop on Intel graphics only which seems to improve battery life somewhat but then you are compromising on performance which I guess is the main reason you are buying a gaming laptop in the first place.

If you are concerned about the unavailability of some specific ports due to the slim chassis but fret not as this laptop covers everything. It has a thunderbolt port, 4x USB-A ports, micro-SD-Card slot, ethernet jack, and a separate mic and audio port. The only aspect we see the I/O lacking in is dedicated display connections but then again the thunderbolt port serves a better purpose for that task.

Gaming Performance and Thermals

We saved the best for the last. This laptop rocks beefy specs and at the heart is the ever-popular Ryzen 4800H processor. This 8-core processor 16 thread processor is the best Intel has to offer in its class. This processor is paired with RTX 3060 graphics card. The graphics card we are getting here is also the maximum performance variant.

This much power in a slim chassis is quite scary to pull off because of the thermal limitations of the laptop. Despite that, this laptop is the only one in its category that can properly cool the Ryzen 4800H and keep its temperatures at bay. This laptop consistently managed to keep the temperatures of the processor and the graphics card under the thermal threshold hence keeping thermal throttling to a minimum.

The built-in control center of the laptop that can be toggled with the dedicated shortcut key is also helpful in maintaining temperatures. It has various profiles which you can toggle through can change the power output of the CPU and the GPU.

You can also set up a custom fan curve in the software. I mean we are getting to enthusiast-level stuff with this software and seasoned laptop gamers will appreciate the customization on offer.

As for the other specs on the laptop, it has 16GB of dual-channel RAM running at 2666MHz. The storage drive on the laptop is on the smaller side coming in at only 512GB but at least there you can expand storage easily through the M2 slot of the motherboard.


Eluktronics Max-15 is not your usual gaming laptop. This stuff is built from the ground up for serious performance in mind. While other gaming laptops rely on redundant features and tacky looks this laptop is purely purposeful. This laptop is made for the people who want the best performing thin gaming laptop without any bell and whistles because this laptop is as simple as it will get for a gaming laptop.

Best Laptop for Gaming Enthusiasts

6.MSI GE75 Raider

MSI is no stranger to making exceptional laptops. While the company has not presented anything new for a while the laptops, they have on offer still today compete nicely with the ultra-niche enthusiast machines or thin and light gaming laptops. The one we will talk about now from MSI is the GE75 Raider. This line has been around for a while now and represents the best MSI has to offer.


  • Captivating and unique design
  • 17inch screen size
  • Excellent keyboard with RGB illumination
  • The speakers get reasonably loud
  • Nvidia RTX 2070 provides excellent gaming performance


  • The trackpad needs some work
  • Lackluster display

Design and Build Quality

MSI makes some banging-looking laptops no one can dispute this fact. From making all matte black stealth modes to the blingy and tacky RGB ones MSI does it all. This laptop falls in the blingy category.

Being the all bell and whistles laptop from the brand MSI has not held back in the design department. The most striking aspect of this laptop is the implementation of RGB lighting. Open the lid of the laptop you will be presented with eye-searing RGB lighting shattered around the keys and the trackpad.

This is not all though, and the bottom bezel of the screen also has a led light bar running along with width. If this was not enough this laptop also has lighting along with the ports and the air vents. Besides the RGB lighting, you are presented with the usual MSI dragon logo on the lid.

Luckily this laptop is not all about the show though and features a well-made chassis. The lid and the keyboard deck part of the chassis are made from metal while the bottom cover is plastic. This setup is quite common in this price range and is the most you can expect for the price.

We were initially scared in terms of solidity due to the large screen size, but MSI has managed to design a sturdy hinge here. The screen has minimal wobble and flex which is a great representation of the overall build of the laptop.

Keyboard, Trackpad, and Speakers

For a while now MSI has been using a SteelSeries keyboard. This keyboard is one of the best in the industry in terms of typing comfort. The key travel is optimal for constant key mashing when gaming and the rebound tactility is good enough to provide satisfactory feedback upon each stroke.

The trackpad is on the smaller side and features capacity buttons. This trackpad by towards standard is outdated and other competitors best the trackpad by a mile. However, you won’t be using the trackpad much anyway, so it is not a deal-breaker.  Most time for gaming a mouse will be plugged into the laptop but in a pinch, this trackpad will get the job done.

The speakers on the MSI GE75 are surprisingly good. For a laptop with two bottom-firing speakers, we did not expect the sound to be this loud. Unfortunately, the loudness is the only thing to appreciate here as these speakers do not have enough bass or richness to make an impact when needed.

Display, Battery Life and I/0

When pitched against the competition MSI GE75 Raider has similar screen specifications on paper. It has a 1080p 144hz panel with low response times. This is all fine and dandy, but this laptop falls flat when it comes to the actual viewing experience. The colors of the MSI’s panel do not pop like some other laptops and the maximum brightness is also under 300nits making this laptop not legible in bright outdoor environments.

The laptop also does not perform well in the battery life department averaging a backup time of only 5-6 hours on very light usage. On demanding tasks like gaming the battery barely lasts 2 hours or so.

The disappointment continues with I/O as well. While MSI has done a job by diversifying the number of connections you have but the most obvious omission is of the thunderbolt port. This port should be a staple now for gaming laptops coming out in 2021 so we hope when this laptop is refreshed MSI includes a thunderbolt port on here.

As for the quick run-down of the I/O starting from the left, we have an ethernet jack, HDMI port, Mini-Display port, USB-A, USB-C, and a separate connection for the Mic and the Audio. On the right, we get a power plug, 2x USB-A ports, and an SD-Card slot.

Gaming Performance and Thermals

This laptop had smooth sailing in the performance department. At the heart of the machine is an Intel I7 10750H. We have talked about this processor time and time again as it comes with every other laptop in this list. The gist of it is that this processor is a great performer given the right cooling.

The same is the case with the Nvidia RTX 2070 graphics card. If cooled properly these cards can surprise you with their capability. Since we have established that the hardware is plenty capable let’s get to the cooling and see how this MSI GE75 fares in that regard.

Opening the back cover of the laptop reveals a complex and expansive network of heat pipes that cool the processor and the graphics card. These heat pipes are supported by two well-positioned fans that ventilate the hot air out of the system. The efficiency at which the system works is quite commendable, and we have a winner on our hands.

With great power and efficient cooling, this laptop blasts its way through every game at maximum settings. The RTX 2070 graphics card is one heck of a performer and delivers tripe digit FPS in most games. Surprisingly on this laptop, the screen was the limiting factor, and the hardware has more than enough headroom for a 1440p high refresh rate display.

As for the other specifications, this laptop comes with a 16GB Ram clocked at 2666Mhz. While not the fastest around it is fine for Intel-based machines. Besides the RAM you get a 512GB SSD and a 1TB mechanical hard drive. Despite being slow the extra space from the HDD is appreciated in a gaming laptop. 


MSI Raider GE75 is hands down the best laptop MSI makes right now. It has a beautiful design, amazing performance, plenty of RGB lighting, and a good cooling system. These are the things gamers want in their laptop and MSI is delivering on all of these fronts. This laptop is not perfect though and there are slight issues that you may face face when using this laptop. But overall, it is a fantastic machine from a respectable brand.

Best Performance

7. Sager NP7859PQ

Sager is another Micro brand that we have opted to include on the list. As with most microbrands, Sager laptops are also catered more towards enthusiasts and people looking for a no-frills gaming laptop.


  • Clean, minimal, and simple design
  • Good build quality
  • Comfortable keyboard to type on
  • Good high refresh rate display
  • Latest Intel 11th generation processor
  • Beastly gaming performance


  • No RGB lighting for the keyboard
  • Abysmal battery life
  • The fan gets extremely loud

Sager is another Micro brand that we have opted to include on the list. As with most microbrands, Sager laptops are also catered more towards enthusiasts and people looking for a no-frills gaming laptop.

Design and Build Quality

In terms of design, the Sager NP7859PQ is a rather pleasing-looking laptop. Nothing is overwhelming here, and the subtle highlights of the design are well blended to create a sophisticated and cohesive look.

We especially like the indents on the lid of the laptop. They give the laptop a more upmarket appearance and elevate the clean and simple branding on the lid. Opening the lid also reveals similar indents for the deck keyboard.

The laptop is also finished in a brushed texture giving the impression of a more premium build than it is. We also do not have any complaints about the build quality and this laptop is well put together. The chassis exhibits minimal flex despite pressing a hand on it. The in-hand feel of the laptop can be better as there are some rough edges around the machine but overall a well-built machine.

Keyboard, Trackpad, and Speakers

Right of the bat, it is worth mentioning that the keyboard of this laptop does not have RGB lighting. What it does have though is a static single-color backlight which can be changed in 15 different preset colors.

Aesthetics aside using the keyboard is a joy. It has good travel with a well-balanced keystroke. There is also a number pad which makes the layout a little cramped but once you get used to the layout it is a non-issue.

The trackpad on the other hand is not well executed. Due to the number pad, the trackpad is shifted towards the left of the deck area. This decentralized position makes the trackpad a little uncomfortable to use at times and the small size of the trackpad does not help either. 

There is nothing worth appreciating in the speaker department as well as the speakers are rather tiny and lackluster. The sound does not get loud enough and worse of all lacks any audio fidelity.

Display, Battery Life and I/0

The display of the Sager NP7859PQ is good like it should be for a gaming laptop at this price point. The 1080p panel of this laptop supports a maximum 144hz refresh rate. This is in line with other laptops on this list.

The picture quality of the screen is also pleasing. The out-of-box color accuracy is good which makes for a vibrant and vivid viewing experience. This laptop also gets bright enough use in outdoor lighting conditions.

The display comes at the cost of battery life. The 49W battery of the laptop is very small in contrast to the other similar laptops and hence delivers an abysmal backup of only 4 hours on light usage. For gaming and other heavy tasks, we recommend using this laptop on only brick power.

As far as charging the laptops and other I/O is concerned this laptop delivers in that regard. The supplied 180W charger can not only top the battery quickly but the power plug is conveniently positioned at the back of the laptop which is great since most of the time this laptop will be plugged into the wall anyway.

Other important connections like HDMI, ethernet jack, and USB-C are also located at the back of the laptop while the sides of the laptop house 3x USB-A ports, a Mini-Display port, full-size SD card slot, and separate 3.5mm connections for the audio and the mic.

Gaming Performance and Thermals

This laptop was made to run at the maximum, and it shows in its performance. This machine is mind-bogglingly fast. This is one of the few laptops around to features an 11th generation Intel I7-11800H processor. This 8 core and 16 thread processor is the latest and greatest Intel has to offer and its performance is beastly.

The 11th generation I7 is paired with Nvidia RTX 3060. The RTX 3060 here comes in its full flesh and is not undervolted like other laptops. Since Sager is wanting to get the most from the given hardware a good cooling system is a must.

A good cooling system is exactly what we are getting here. This laptop does a good job of maintaining the temperatures of the components below the thermal limit. The system does get toasty under high load but never throttles which is all we want for a gaming laptop.

In maintaining the temperature, the fans do get very loud and can be annoying if you are sensitive to noise. All things considered, you are getting the real deal here in terms of performance, and not a single ounce of performance is left on the table.

As for the other specifications, you get a dual-channel 16GB memory this is this laptop. The speeds of the memory are good and well above the common average. You do however get only a single 500GB NVME SSD which although fast is far from being ample in terms of storage, so you have to be selective with your games and applications a bit here.


Going into the Sager NP7859PQ I was expecting it to be another take on the generic laptop formula with better hardware than its competitors. I couldn’t have been more wrong this is a proper well-rounded laptop and covers pretty much all aspects that define a top gaming laptop. The star of the show here is still the performance and this laptop delivers some really impressive figures in that regard. Hence making it an easy recommendation for the performance hogs out there that like a more minimalist laptop experience.

Best Performance

8.Prostar NH77HPQ

Prostar is a relatively new entrant in the gaming space. Despite not having much experience in these industries the products they put out are quite competitive when compared with the other major brands. Hence, we wanted to bring this laptop to the attention of our consumers because currently, it ranks among the best laptops that can be had for $1500. 


  • Clean and industrial design
  • Solid build quality
  • Good looking display
  • 1080p 144hz refresh rate
  • Intel I7 11800H 8 core 16 thread processor


  • Terrible battery life
  • No thunderbolt support
  • Loud and high-pitched fan noise can be annoying

Prostar is a relatively new entrant in the gaming space. Despite not having much experience in these industries the products they put out are quite competitive when compared with the other major brands. Hence, we wanted to bring this laptop to the attention of our consumers because currently, it ranks among the best laptops that can be had for $1500. 

Design and Build Quality

The companies design strategy when it comes to the design is rather straightforward. These laptops are made to be purposeful and look as simple as they can without being overly generic.

The lid of the laptop has a brushed metal finish and in the center, we get a simple Prostar branding. Nothing tacky can be seen on the exterior of the laptop and even the interior is pretty bland and devoid of any fancy touches.

As for the build quality, this laptop is made pretty well. It has a solid chassis that is not only well put together but is also well refined around the corners which makes the handling of the device better. As for robustness this laptop is pretty rigid and does not flex or wobble under pressure. Overall, the build quality here is best in class and hence we don’t have any complaints in this segment.

Keyboard, Trackpad, and Speakers

Upon first inspection, the keyboard of this laptop is a little cramped. Prostar has not done a good job with the space management as there is a lot of vacant space on either side of the laptop which can be utilized to make the layout roomier.

Nonetheless in terms of typing the key feel is pretty good. This keyboard has decent travel on keys while also being tactile which always is a great thing to have in a keyboard. The led lighting of this keyboard is only customizable in 15 different colors which are not on par with competitors offering full RGB customization.

The trackpad of this laptop is a traditional one. It has physical clicks instead of the click anywhere approach on other laptops which is not to say that this is bad. On the contrary, it is quite pleasant to navigate around since it tracks finger movements with good accuracy and precision.

On the product page of this laptop, there is great emphasis on how good the speakers are by the company but unfortunately, this is not the case in actual real-world use. Sure, the speakers get very loud but that is all there is to it.

These speakers lack any significant bass or depth. Even the clarity is sub-optimal for gaming hence like most other laptops these speakers just end up being mediocre.

Display, Battery Life and I/0

This laptop hits a home run when it comes to the display. It not only supports a 144hz refresh rate at 1080p resolution but also has good color accuracy.

The colors on this panel pop, and the contrast ratio is also good for an IPS panel. The only aspect lacking a bit is the maximum brightness of this panel which can be an issue if you play games in a bright room or travel a lot with your laptop.

All this screen candy takes a toll on the battery life. The small 49Wh battery does not help either and you probably should keep this laptop plugged into the wall at all times. However, if you do want to use this laptop on battery then expect a runtime of around 3-4 hours before the battery dies. What a shame as there is extra space in the motherboard bay for a larger battery.

Not all is grim though however as this laptop includes a fast 180W AC adapter. With the use of this adapter, you can not only charge your laptop quickly but also efficiently. When it comes to the I/O it is pretty well laid out.

The ports on this given laptop include a full-size SD-Card slot, HDMI, Mini Display Port, USB Type C 3.2 Gen 2 port, 2x USB Type-A 3.2 ports, 1x USB-A 2.0 port, ethernet jack, and a 3.5mm combo Audio/Mic jack.

Gaming Performance and Thermals

This laptop has some serious hardware packed inside a small chassis. The biggest concern with these designs is always the thermals. If the temperature is not properly controlled get despite the powerful hardware the laptop can quite out to be quite a disappointment.

Fortunately, this is not the case here and the Intel I7 11800H and the Nvidia RTX 3060 are properly cooled and there is minimal throttling. The throttling we see is on the processor side of things and only occurs when running very CPU-intensive tasks like benchmarks and compilers. Otherwise, for gaming, the temperatures for both the CPU and the GPU stay under the thermal limit.

In terms of gaming performance, you can expect to run most games at max setting on the 1080p screen. Some demanding games like Microsoft Flight Simulator will require you to turn down the graphic settings a notch to hit that 60Fps sweet spot. Other than that, things are pretty good here.

In most games like COD WarZone for example you will also hit the 144fps mark so having a high refresh rate screen helps here. To store all your games, you get a 500GB NVME SSD drive here. Frankly, 500GB for today’s day and age is on the lower side as a single game can today take upwards of 150GB space.

For adding more storage, we do get a second M2 slot in the motherboard bay which is quite handy. To top it all off, this laptop has the usual 16GB RAM capacity which you find on most gaming laptops at this price range.


All things considered, the Prostar NH77HPQ is a sensational gaming laptop. It hammers down all the important parts of a good gaming laptop. The laptop has a good display, decent cooling, and great performance. You cannot ask more as a gaming laptop enthusiast. Unfortunately, while this laptop has a lot of high points it has a fair share of lows as well. The most obvious being the subpar battery life of the laptop. Despite that this laptop is just so incredibly good and comes in as our best 17-INCH Intel 11th generation gaming laptop.

Best Performance

9. MSI GF65

MSI needs no introduction in the gaming laptop space and has been operating in this field for a while now. Today MSI has a plethora of different laptops to choose from and the one here comes from the F series of laptops which are known for being thin, powerful, and affordable at the same time. On paper, the MSI GF65 looks promising but does it hold up in real-world application as well as the main question and the one we would like to answer.


  • Value for money machine
  • Good build quality
  • Decent display quality
  • Intel i7 10750H processor
  • Nvidia RTX 3060
  • Decent battery life


  • Lack of RGB keyboard
  • Sub optimal thermal performance
  • Low screen brightness for outdoor legibility

Design and Build Quality

MSI seldom experiments with the design of their laptops and these machines stay purposeful to the core. The MSI GF65 especially has a conservative and clean design with smooth flowing body lines.

The chassis of the laptop has a brushed metallic finish which is quite pleasing to look at and elevates the boring design of the laptop. We also have a red theme going on with the red-painted MSI logo on the lid.

The chassis also measures quite thin, and the laptop is also relatively lightweight hence you can daily carry this laptop if need be. Despite the slim chassis, the solidity of the chassis is good. The body of the laptop is well screwed together hence exhibits no sign of any bending.

Keyboard, Trackpad, and Speakers

MSI laptops always have comfortable keyboards to type on and this one is no exception. The key feel is excellent with good travel and crisp and tactile return. One disappointing thing however is that there is no RGB lighting on this keyboard. You get a single color static red light backlighting only here and no other color is on offer.

The trackpad is the usual MSI. It has a smooth and precise surface with physical clicks. There is nothing out of the ordinary with this trackpad and it gets the job done. The speakers on the other hand, however, need the better sound output to be useable on daily basis. As things stand the bottom-firing speakers are tiny and unaspiring and you are better off with using headphones or external speakers for gaming.

Display, Battery Life and I/O

MSI GF65 falls in the middle of the pack when it comes to the display. The technical specifications of the display are fantastic. It has a 1080p 144hz panel with a low response time but where this display falters a bit is in the picture quality segment.

More and more gaming laptops are featuring a vibrant and color-accurate display and unfortunately, this is not the case with this laptop. It has mediocre color accuracy and maximum brightness is also on the lower side.

The advantage of having low peak brightness is that it saves battery life and rightfully so in this case. Despite having a relatively small size battery this laptop pushed past the 5-hour mark when using it for light tasks. This is more than enough to watch movies or get some work done. During heavy tasks, the battery life does take a heavy hit dropping to only an hour worth of backup.

Gaming Performance and Thermals

In this department, the MSI GF65 does things well and others not so. Let’s begin with the positives. For starters, the MSI GF65 is one of the cheapest laptops to feature an Nvidia RTX 3060 graphics card. 

Unfortunately, due to the chassis and thermal limitation you are not getting here the full RTX 3060 experience and the graphics card here is the MAX-Q variant capped at 70W. For the processor we see another usual suspect return in the form of an Intel I7 10750H.

On paper, the specifications of the laptop seem fine but what holds the laptop back is the thermal performance. The cooling solution of this laptop is not capable of maintaining the temperatures of the processor and the graphics card below the thermal threshold. This laptop often throttles during heavy gaming. Thermal throttling not only decreases the performance of the laptop but also introduces some stutter while gaming.


How To Replace Laptop Hard Drive And Reinstall Operating System

This is not acceptable and MSI should work on giving this laptop a better cooling solution. One thing that was surprising however was that the fan never got annoying loud so the rise in temperatures can also be contributed to the fan somewhat. Nonetheless, still unacceptable even if MSI has going for a slightly quieter laptop.


Given the price tag of $1300 MSI GF65 is a great value for money laptop. Sure it may not be as striking or as premium as the others but it sure provides one hell of performance. The only thing holding the laptop back is its thermal capability otherwise it would have been the laptop to get in the $1300 price range. Nonetheless, it still is a very good laptop and one that should be up your radar if you want a value for money machine.

Laptops Under $1500 Worth it?

It does not matter if you are into super expensive gaming laptops or budget ones, we all can agree that gaming laptops at $1500 just make sense. You can get one hell of a laptop for the price of $1500 that can play all the latest games now for a couple of years to come.

The thing here this price segment is the one which people are buying into therefore there is a lot of competition here among manufacturers to produce the best gaming laptop under $1500 they can. This has led to manufacturers aggressively putting more features into their laptops and also making them more powerful.

We believe that the $1500 range offers the best value to money laptops. When compared with a more expensive or a cheaper laptop the price to performance ratio is much better here.

To prove our claim, we have cherry-picked the 16 best gaming laptops that we could find but before we drive onto the list let’s briefly take a look at some aspects which you should look for when buying gaming laptops.

Buyers Guide:

The buyer’s guide section will contain a brief description of the things you should look for when buying gaming laptops. These aspects will help you understand a laptop better hence enabling you to make a more informed decision.

Graphics Card

The graphics card is the most important component of a gaming laptop. The performance of the graphics card determines how well your game runs. The more power there is the better the FPS you will get.

At this current time, the Nvidia RTX series of graphics cards are the best in the industry. Therefore, most of the gaming laptops in this list also have RTX graphics with only a couple featuring AMD.


In the processor space, things have turned around in the last couple of years. For the better part of the decade, Intel has been dominated but now AMD has taken the lead when it comes to performance.

The Intel I7 is trailing behind the AMD Ryzen counterpart. If you can get a Ryzen processor in your laptop but the fact of the matter is most premium laptops only feature an Intel processor. Therefore, you have to decide on instinct here if you want a better-performing laptop or a more premium laptop.

Thermals and Cooling Solution

Thermals are up next, and this is one of the most important aspects to consider when buying a gaming laptop. Due to the form factor of a laptop, the components here generate a lot of heat.

Excessive heat is damaging to the components therefore it is important to have a good cooling solution. Having a good cooling solution also means that the processor and the graphics card can perform at optimal potential without having to throttle.

If you don’t know what throttling means it is a measure that limits the power to the components to curb excessive heat that is being produced. Before you buy a gaming laptop make sure it has a proper cooling system in place otherwise things can go pretty bad.

RAM AND Storage

When it comes to the RAM and the storage every laptop should have a sufficient capacity for both respectively. A safe spot is to have at least 16GB RAM and 500GB storage space. Capacity is not the only thing however that matters here, and the speed of the RAM and the storage is also an important consideration. The higher the speeds are the more fluid the user experience will be.


The thing you are looking at mostly on a gaming laptop is the display. Having a good display on the laptop significantly improves not only the gaming experience but also the content consumption factor.

Ideally, in a gaming laptop, we are targeting a screen with both a high refresh rate and good picture quality. The standard refresh rate at this price range is 144hz with only some laptops having more or less than the industry standard.

Chassis and I/O

The chassis and the I/O are also important to consider. First of all, the chassis of the laptop has to be touch. This is one of the fundamental aspects you should look out for. Another thing is to determine the weight and the thickness of the laptop.

The I/O on the other hand is pretty straightforward. A laptop should have all the ports that are required for connectivity. The most important port to look out for is the thunderbolt port which is becoming more and more meaningful over the coming years.

This concludes the Buyer’s guide so without further ado let’s jump right into the list of the best gaming laptops under $1500.


If you have reached this far then get yourself a drink as this was a long list of the best gaming laptops under $1500. But the reason for that is we wanted to mention everything associated with gaming laptops so you can make the most informed decision.

For the closing remarks, we would like to add that laptops today are so similar yet so different in their application. Hence get the laptop that best fulfills your needs and don’t get tangled up in the endless specification rabbit hole. This sums up this article and we hope through this article you got the information you needed for your laptop purchase.

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