Dave Chappelle Net worth

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Net Worth: $42 Million
Age: 45
Born: 14 August, 1973
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Professional Comedian/Actor
Last Updated: 2019

Dave Chappelle Net worth:

Dave Chapelle, a great American comedian, an actor and a writer by profession, has totally  booked his place in the entertainment industry which no one can replace. His comedy gives life to a show and his shows are watched crazily by millions of people. Dave Chappelle’s net worth is around 42 million and still increasing; His hard work has paid off.

In this article, we will be discussing about his;

  • Childhood; Where was he born and how did he started doing comedy.
  • His career.
  • Top quotes from Dave Chappelle.
  • Highlights
  • Conclusion

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About Dave’s Childhood and his personal life:

Dave Chappelle’s real name is David Khari Webber Chappelle. He was born in the year 1973, 24 August in Washington DC and he is now currently 46 years old. He has 3 children; Sulayman, Sonal and Ibrahim. His parents worked for the universities as professors but they eventually ended with separation when Dave was just 6 years old. Due to their separation, he kept moving from Ohio in summers to Washington (throughput the year). He finally graduated in the year 1991 from the Duke Ellington School, studied theatre arts. Since childhood, he had a special interest in comedies (He used to do standup comedy.

Now he started his career?

Dave Chappelle first started his career when he moved to Newyork and give his performance in the Apollo Theatre but the people disapproved of him and hissed all around. It was a big failure for him but Dave kept all the negativity out of his life! He didn’t gave up! It’s surely a big lesson for us from Dave’s life reading about this performance.

Hence, when he was 19 years old, He made his first film in the year 1993, “Robinhood; Men In tights” while performing in different shows throughout NewYork.

He released many more standups and continued drawing his sketches that made more and more people his fans. Finally in the year 2003, he introduced his show on Comedy Central, named, “Chappelle’s show”. It was so hit that the Comedy Central offered him a contract more than $50 million if he continued this show for two more years. Dave was about to launch the third season of the show but he was not happy; having too much stress from the Comedy Central. Therefore, he ended up breaking the contract and moved to South Africa. Here, his net worth decreased. He also gave a statement that for Chappelle’s show, he had to work 20 hours a day that was a big headache to him!

After he came back from South Africa, he did very less shows and continued living in Ohio when he finally returned to New York in the year 2013.

He started doing comedy again on different shows. It was a very tough time for him at first, when people again criticised him but he finally got on the track after doing several comedy shows like the late night shows in 2014.

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On the year 2017, Netflix then declared that Dave Chappelle will be releasing his three special shows. It was such a great success that he earned  $20 million for each special. As he released three, he earned $60 million directly! A bouncer to his net worth. For his first two specials, Dave also received an award for best comedian in the year 2018.


Here are some of the best highlights of Dave Chappelle’s career:

  • Robin Hood: Men in Tights (Ahchoo, 1993)
  • The Nutty Professor (Reggie Warrington, 1996)
  • HBO Comedy Half Hour: Dave Chappelle (1998)
  • Half Baked (Thurgood Jenkins, 1998)
  • Screwed (Rusty Hayes, 2000)
  • Dave Chappelle: Killin’ Them Softly (2000)
  • Dave Chappelle: For What It’s Worth (2004)
  • Hosted Saturday Night Live (2016)
  • Dave Chappelle: The Bird Revelation (2016)
  • A Star is Born (Noodles, 2018)

Favourite quotes from Dave Chappelle:

“I was doing sketches that were funny but socially irresponsible. I felt I was deliberately being encouraged and I was overwhelmed.” – Dave Chappelle

“The hardest thing to do is to be true to yourself, especially when everybody is watching.” – Dave Chappelle

“I got a lot of positive people around me.” – Dave Chappelle

“I’m cool with failing so long as I know that there are people around me that love me unconditionally.” – Dave Chappelle

“I think every group of black guys should have at least one white guy in it.” – Dave Chappelle

“I’m famous today. People like me today. Might not like me tomorrow. You can’t count on it.” – Dave Chappelle

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Dave Chappelle, one of the most famous comedians of the world, has built great reputation throughout his journey of 46 years. As for 2019, Dave Chappelle’s Net worth is $42 million. , that has increased sharply because of the recent Netflix specials.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and have known enough about Dave’s life!