Eminem’s Net Worth

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Net Worth: $210 Million
Age: 46
Born: October 17, 1972
Country of Origin United States of America
Source of Wealth: Rapper/Hip Hop Artist
Last Updated 2019


Eminem’s Net Worth

Eminem is a singer and a rapper who has successfully released twelve albums so far, out of which 11 are super hit. He was born on 17th October 1972 and belongs to the United States of America. He started his career as a dishwasher in a hotel but never stopped believing in himself and his music. He is the best-selling hip hop artist of all time and one of the richest too

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Eminem’s net worth is $210 million in 2019.Eminem’s tours and concerts are very limited and only available to a very premium and upper-class audience as his concert ticket prices on average are $350 per person. His utter belief in himself and his dreams got him to be one of the richest rappers in the world.

Let’s dive right into the rich life of Eminem a.k.a. Slim Shady

He is a proud owner of 17 Grammy awards and earns at least $12 million a year through his Youtube music videos. He generates $10 million in his income through endorsements and appearances in ads and commercials. His fame has also got him many roles in televisions and films and he reportedly charges around $5 million per show. His recent shows in MetLife Stadium were able to generate around 15 million dollars in revenue. Like many other writers, he writes his own lyrics. Moreover, he earns money as a director and a producer. With this bank balance, we can safely say that he is currently rolling in money and there is no turning back.

Grand mansions and Luxury Cars

With a net worth of $210 million, the king of hip hop loves to spend money on extravagant mansions and cars. He is currently the owner of 3 mansions and 1 mega-mansion in Rochester Hills. He bought the house for a massive $2 million. The house is built on dreams and contains everything from a high tech Jacuzzi to a basketball stadium. The mega-mansion also has a music auditorium for in-house concerts. It also includes a game court and giant grounds. And if that was not all, the house also has a full-fledge built-in lake.

Eminem currently resides in his Clinton Township Mansion. His house is a 9000 square foot vintage house. The mansion has an extraordinary fountain that leads up to the main porch. The mansion has many rooflines and six luxury styled and furnished bedrooms.

Eminem currently owns 15 luxury cars including a Porsche 911 GT3 that he is seen driving around many times, a Lamborghini Aventador, Ferarri 575, Aston Martin V8 vintage and a Ford Mustang. Eminem loves everything that is blingy, therefore he also owns a golden Porsche 911 Turbo.

Jewelry has always been something that excites Eminem. He reportedly owns $5 million worth of jewelry including a chain that he wears to all his concerts. Even though he spends greatly on himself, he makes sure to give out to the less fortunate as well. He donates generously to Marshall Mathers Foundation to provide aid to help the needy, especially the athletic youth in areas such as Detroit.

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There are always downsides to being a rich person. Eminem has faced countless lawsuits so far from people who are after handouts from Eminem. One of them is the woman who gave birth to Eminem, his own mother. Even after facing lawsuits, he always emerges victorious as he is the king of Hip Hop and one of the richest rappers in the world.

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