DJ Khaled Net worth


DJ Khaled Net worth 2019 |

Net Worth: $35 Million
Age: 43
Born: November 26, 1975
Country of Origin: Palestine
Source of Wealth: DJ/Record Producer
Last Updated: 2019


DJ Khaled Net worth

DJ Khaled, an American record producer whose were born in Palestine, is now a very popular Author and a radio personality.

Khaled’s Net worth is estimated to be around $35 million as for 2019.

In this article you will be knowing about;

  • His early life.
  • His career; how did it started and how much successful he was.
  • Best quotes from DJ Khaled.
  • What lessons do we learn from his life.

About DJ Khaled’s early life.

Khaled was born in New Orleans, in the year, 1975, 26 November. His parents, being Palestinian migrated to America and they were also musicians. Seeing his parents’ love for music, he was also interested in it since childhood. Khaled’s past was quite poor knowing the fact that he was very hard working and used to help his father in selling clothes. He studied from the Phillips High School and had a craze for rap and soul music.

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He first started working in the year 1993, where he joined a Record store in Odyssey and here he met the great young artists; Birdman and LilWayne, who influenced him to get ready for more recordings.

How his actual career started and his success.

From Odyssey, he shifted to Miami, from where he started his hosting career. Khaled hosted a live show on 99 Jamz, The Luke Show. Later on, he also started hosting several radio shows like a night show on 99 Jamz.

His first album, Listenn was released in the year, 2006. He was not sure that he’ll get this much successful. It was a great experience for him and this album ranked number 12 on the US Billboard.

His second album was released after one year, We the best, with the singles, “We takin over” and “I am so hood”. To be more precise, this album was ranked number 11 on the United States Hot Rap Tracks Chart.

His third album, We Global, was also liked by millions of people who went crazy after his rap. This album included singles like “Out here Grindin” and “Go Hard.”

His following albums include “Victory(in the year 2010), “We the best forever” (in the year 2011), “Kiss the ring” (released in the year 2012) and “Suffering from success (2013) and so on.

In the year, 2014, Khaled announced that he has been in a partnership with Danish Audio company to make his own brand of headphones calling it, We the best sound.

DJ Khaled continued his love for music and kept on releasing albums, which kept increasing DJ Khaled’s Net worth.  His tenth album was released in 2017 called Grateful.

Khaled has also written a book, The Keys, in 2016, in which he has mentioned the keys towards success and he has told about many successful life stories.

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So, this was all about Khaled’s past and how he was able to make this much Net worth.

Khaled has properties in different places such as in California which has more than 6 bedrooms and around 11,000 square ft.

He has many cars too but he admires Rolls Royce the most.

Important quotes of DJ Khaled:

  • “I can deal with everything. I got the answer for anything. This DJ Khaled.” – DJ Khaled
  • “I don’t have no favorite rock bands. I’m a fan of rock music though.” – DJ Khaled
  • “My fans expect me to be greater and keep being great.” – DJ Khaled
  • “There will be road blocks but we will overcome it.” – DJ Khaled
  • “They will try to close the door on you, just open it.” – DJ Khaled

What lessons can we learn from Khaled’s life?

As we all know that Khalid has worked really hard to get at this position.

The first lesson that we learn from his past is that we should be positive, no matter whatever the situation is. DJ Khaled was always positive when he released his albums and this was the reason he was successful. Try to put all the negative thoughts away from your mind and just believe in yourself.

Secondly, keep this thing in mind that nothing can be accomplished without taking control of ourselves. Nobody has the right to come on our way except we, Ourselves! You, yourself should work for yourself!

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DJ Khaled, an American record producer and an author, have a net worth of around $35 million. His albums are liked my millions of people who are great fans of him! Whether he’s alive or not, but his albums and books will always remain in our hearts!