Harvey Weinstein net worth

Harvey Weinstein net worth

Net Worth: $50 Million
Age: 66
Born: March 19, 1952
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Film Producer/Director
Last Updated: 2019


Harvey Weinstein, a very popular film producer of the Hollywood industry has been facing some allegations regarding sexual abuse and sexual misconduct recently which is why there is a sharp decrease in his net worth; from $300 million to $50 million.

He has been working throughout his life but his career has been totally destroyed by these allegations in 2017 when many women came forward and filed a case against him.

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He had cofounded a company called Miramax entertainment company and has produced world famous films such as “Good Will hunting” of the year, 1997 and “Frida” of the year 2002. These films has won awards as well. At FullHow.com, you will be knowing about his life history and how was he able to make his fortune?

Early life of Harley Weinstein:

Harley Weinstein was born in the year 1952, 19 March. He graduated in the year, 1973 from the university of Newyork.

Finally after 6 years, in 1979, he founded a film production company, Miramax with the help of his younger brother. This company was the main source of his net worth.

About his profession:

In the same year, they established miramax films; named after their parents, His mother, Marium and his father, Max.

Releasing small films, they finally produced a film, “The secret policeman’s other ball.” During1990s. This was their first success that motivated them to produce more such films. This film increased his net worth too.

Later on in 1989, his company released a film, “Sex, Lies and videotape.” Uptil now, this was his most successful film and was loved by almost everyone in the entertainment industry.

Till 2019, his net worth is around  $50 million.

Awards he received:

Harley Weinstein after releasing such successful films, he received several awards by Brittania Awards in the year 1996, by the Gotham Awards in the year 1997, Saturn awards and also by the producers guild of America Awards in the year 2013.

So, these awards show us how much popular he was and his net worth must be quite high!

When he was asked that how was he able to produce all these films, he told that since the beginning, he wanted to do something inspirational for his children, to become their role model. Not only this, but while producing these films, he used to keep the greed of getting the award away from him.

 A lesson for us!

Though, he has been paying the fines for all the cases he has been stuck on, his life teaches us a lot of things.

First of all, he has taught us how to follow our talent.

There are many parents who want their child to become what they want. This shall not happen! Every parent shall realise that they are giving birth to a human being, who can make mistakes and is not a mastermind. Therefore, follow your dream, what you want to become! Enhance your skills in which you think you are better from others! Harvey also followed his passion. Instead of becoming an engineer or a doctor, he thought he should go for film production and as a result, he came out to be a great film producer.

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Secondly, his life taught us to be confident and that you don’t need to take anyone’s approval. Be confident and assure yourself that what you’re doing is right, no matter what others say about it; just keep on improving.

Thirdly, he taught us to take risks. Taking risk is not a piece of cake! You have to work hard and have hope in yourself. Keep all the negative thoughts away from you.


Harley Weinstein, a man who has produced great films, raising the name of Hollywood industry has a current net worth of around $50 million due to his current reputation. However, his work and his films will always keep him alive in our hearts even after his death.