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1. Air Pollution Essay (300 words)

A few weeks ago, there was no sign of cold weather, yet we were still experiencing a foggy sky. After searching about it, I got to know that it was not fog, but smog which was caused due to heavy air pollution as a result of too many firecrackers burning in the sky. The smog made it incredibly difficult for people with breathing difficulties to go out and enjoy their surroundings, and people had to wear air purifier masks to help their throats from getting itched or getting an allergic reaction.

Air Pollution has a very harmful effect on the health of human beings. Air pollution is mainly caused when harmful gasses are emitted from smoking and pollution. Factories use chemicals and dyes which create dangerous pollutants into the air. The harmful particles which are released as a result can pollute the air and be the cause of many diseases such as cancer.

One of the worst things about air pollution is that it doesn’t just affect the lives and health of human beings, but it also has a bad effect on animals, crops and vegetables, and even the environment by messing up with the weather cycle. This further disturbs the life cycle and causes chaos in the normal life of the world.

The immediate effects of air pollution on human health are watery eyes, coughing, and breathing difficulties. It also causes respiratory and cardiovascular problems and increases the mortality rate due to these causes. Urban Population is more adversely affected by air population as the gasses emitted from cars and autos make the already sick even more vulnerable to get affected.

It is important to plant more trees and to reduce the use of cars and autos to stop air pollution.

2. Air Pollution Essay (300 words)

Air pollution affects our body, mind, and environment in different ways. We get exposed to air pollution when we go out to do our daily life chores. From the moment we leave our house, to the moment we enter back in, we are exposed to the air pollution around us. This is mainly due to harmful gas that comes out of the cars’ exhausts pipes. As the smoke billows, so do the air pollution increase.

Air pollution is a phenomenon when harmful chemicals and particles become a part of the air and pollute the air, so when we breathe in we are not getting a fresh scent of air for our lungs. We are inhaling chemicals and impurities that are harming our bodies and causing diseases.

Air pollution is also caused when gasoline fumes escape into the air while we are filling our tanks with gasoline or petrol. These pollutants and gasses when combined into the clean air end up making it dirty and not healthy for us to live in. However, it should be noted that cars and fumes from types of gasoline are not the only cause of air pollution, even though they constitute the major percentage.

Air pollution also comes from mining operations, exhaust and wastes from factories and industries, and air conditioners as well. Agricultural activities such as spraying pesticides on crops can also cause pollution not only in the air but also in water as well. This water, when evaporates creates a harmful air structure.

One of the best solutions to combat air pollution in our daily life is to ensure that we use all-natural techniques to grow and protect our crops, as well as try to talk public transportation instead of cars to work every day.

3. Air Pollution Essay (500 words)

One of the biggest challenges of the 21st Century is the alarming increase in air pollution. Experts say that air pollution is the cause of many other issues such as global warming, the rise in pandemics and diseases, and breathing difficulties in children and adults. Air pollution lowers the quality of air and the environment which ends up endangering the lives of all living beings.

Air pollution is caused by many things but a few causes of air pollution are the burning of wood and the smoke that comes out of it. When wood is burnt, smoke comes out of it which can cause pollution with the help of harmful chemicals which are released. When the garbage is burnt, it also causes air pollution as the plastic and waste material when burnt, causes further damage to the environment. Moreover, the chemical which is burnt or released into the environment in the form of smoke or water also end up becoming the cause of major air pollution

However, with the advent of technology, many more issues have also become the cause of air pollution. This includes the hydrofluorocarbons that come out of the refrigerators and air conditioners when we switch them on to keep our rooms cold. As a result, they end up polluting the air.

These issues can then cause harmful diseases such as pneumonia, asthma, cancer, and even hepatitis. Not only is that, but also due to air pollution environmental hazards are more likely to occur. Since the whole life cycle and weather cycle are disturbed, rainy weather comes out of nowhere. Sometimes, it even happens that you see a cold-weather one day, and the next day you witness warm weather as it all happens due to air pollution that the weather behaves abnormally.

Due to air pollution, the rainwater also becomes infused with chemicals. As this rain is fallen on the crops and agriculture, it not only destroys agriculture but also ruins the fertility of the land. As a result, people don’t get to enjoy the authentic sweetness of fruits and vegetables. People end up having to consume vegetables and fruits which have been infiltrated by harmful rain polluted with chemicals.

Not only humans and plants, but animals also have to suffer largely due to air pollution. The main thing that is a cause for animals is the disturbance in the lifecycle. When air pollution occurs, insects and birds have their lifestyle disturbed. The birds which are supposed to come out in cold weather cannot come out due to abnormalities in weather, and vice versa. This means that they have to shift their habitats and disrupt the ecosystem

We can solve the issue of air pollution by working together as a team. All we need to do is reduce the use of artificial things that contaminate our air, and shift to natural ways of living. We should do everything to avoid chemicals and plastics so our air is saved from being polluted, and so do our health and well-being.

4. Air Pollution (500 words)

Air pollution is caused by dust and gaseous particles in the air. These particles are particularly harmful to the environment. They can come from exhaust pipes of cars, factories, and dust emitted from households. These particles also come from wildfires.

The most worrisome part about air pollution is the fact that it can harm Earth’s climate by creating irregularity in the way climate change works. For example, winters last for very little time and summers last a longer time. It also impacts how the sunlight hits or reflects light on Earth.

One of the biggest effects of air pollution on Earth has been birth defects. In many heavily polluted areas of the world, birth defects are common due to air pollution. When we inhale harmful air, our insides are harmed. This ends up giving us diseases that are then genetically inherited by our offspring.

In the cleaner areas of the world, the sunlight is sharp and bright. This is because the air is clean and allows the sunlight to reflect properly. However, in areas that are affected by heavy air pollution, the sunlight is always blocked. This makes the sunlight appear dim and dull. Air pollution also affects the health of human beings, wildlife, and even the plants around us. It affects our ability to smell, taste, and breathe. Experts don’t advise staying in areas where there is more air pollution as longer exposure causes heart disease and lung cancer. It is always advised to stay in areas where there is lesser smoke and harmful rays of air pollution.

Moreover, it is also advised to update cars often. This is because older cars have exhaust pipes that do not filter air and leak out more dangerous gases and destructive smoke. However, newer cars have dust and exhaustive pipes that can reduce the impact of smoke in the air as well as filter harmful gasses as well.

Factories need to ensure that the waste materials are properly discarded off in sewers, and the sewers need to be closed, not opened so the smell and the bacteria do not mix with air particles.

If we want our upcoming generations to live healthier lives, we need to take an action now.

Another way to reduce air pollution is to ride a bike to work or walk instead of taking your car. You can also take a bus or carpool with your colleagues. When you buy a car, make sure that it has a better fuel competence. To save air from being polluted, you can also reduce the use of lights and fans that use electricity and turn to solar-powered lights to not only save energy but also save the air. Buy lesser things that cannot be decomposed in the mud so they don’t have to be burnt. When things such as plastic have to be burnt to be destroyed off the face of the earth, they are mixed in the air which causes further damage.

5. Air Pollution Essay (800 words)

Air Pollution refers to the presence of pollutants in the atmosphere which can bring harm to the planet and every living creature that exists on it.

Most Air Pollution is caused by the usage of energy for production in the industry. For example, the burning of fossil fuels results in the release of toxic gases which end up contaminating the air.

The burning of fuels is necessary to provide for energy needs; however, it causes great damage to the atmosphere. As factories have grown great in number due to the increasing demand for industrial products, this has become the major cause of pollution. Moreover, methane and carbon dioxide, which contribute to pollution, are released into the air through the internal combustion of vehicles such as cars. Again, this is a result of energy being produced by burning of a fuel, which in this case is petrol.

The amount of transport vehicles in the world shows why pollution is such a major problem now and is proving to be a huge risk for world safety. Furthermore, smoking is also a serious contributor to pollution. Smoking cigarettes is not only injurious to human lungs, but rather it releases toxic gas into the air which can damage the ozone layer to a very serious extent. There are many causes of air pollution, but the general view is that if toxic gases and chemicals are emitted into the air from any source, it will result in a polluted environment.

Research by the World Health Organization (WHO) has shown that 9 out of 10 people are vulnerable to breathing polluted air, which is very injurious to their health. The bad part is that pollution has become a deadly serious problem for the safety of the human race. Data shows that approximately seven million people die each year due to air pollution. It also causes the effect of smog in the air.

 This is a form of air pollution that consists of tiny particles of chemicals, soil, smoke, and dust. It irritates the eyes and throat, whilst also damaging the lungs as they breathe this contaminated air. Airborne particles such as soot also pose a major threat, as they can penetrate the lungs and the human bloodstream, which would in turn damage bronchitis and lead to heart attacks. Every person that goes outside when the air is contaminated to this extent, is fatally exposed to being seriously ill, hence leading to a miserable death. On the other hand, exposure to certain greenhouse gases, for example, carbon dioxide, can damage the ozone layer. This leads to an increased intensity of the harmful waves from the sun. This results in increased heat, global warming, and maybe even skin cancer. Furthermore, global warming can lead to climate change which means melting the glaciers.

This may cause flooding in many areas, which leads to more death. Air pollution is already a problem as it is, but it can also produce problems in ways that no one could expect. It directly harms by being hazardous and injurious to health by causing problems regarding breathing, while also indirectly causing many other problems by harming the climate and the earth.

Air Pollution is a very serious problem. But how do we overcome it? Is there any way to prevent harm? Fortunately, there are still many ways to save the world. I will list some important methods. Air Pollution can be reduced by burning less fuel. Shutting down factories is not possible; however, reducing the emission of gases is always possible.

 Nevertheless, we can reduce the use of vehicles by making use of public transportation systems. Instead of each person using their cars for traveling, one bus could be used. For example, 19 people could use a bus, instead of 19 cars or bikes. Another way to sort this problem is by making use of vehicles that burn less fuel for more distance.

Otherwise, electric cars could be used in the future. We can raise awareness against smoking, as it is already injurious to the person doing it but also for everyone else in the world. At the end of the day, you can always be careful for yourself, by protecting your health. If the quality of air is bad, then it is best to stay away from that area, or just stay inside with your windows and doors closed to prevent the air from reaching you. Sunscreen can be used to counter the rays of the sun and prevent skin cancer. Wearing face masks prevents the contaminated particles from entering your body, which in turn protects your lungs.

Air Pollution has put us in a situation where we have to restrict our daily lives on many aspects, and also make precautions for just going out and breathing. The situation seems to keep on getting worse, but we can still prevent the worst from happening. If we make efforts to reduce Air Pollution, then in time, the earth will heal.

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