1. My Best Friend Essay

Having one good friend is a true blessing in today’s world. You can have many friends but there is one best friend in whom you can confide everything in. Fortunately, I have not one but 3 best friends. One of my best friends is named Rekha. She is amazing in every way. Her father is a Veterinarian and her mother is a professor. She loves reading books on mysteries. She is one of the most bright students in my class. Other than reading books, she also loves to write stories. She is a big fan of Sci-Fi movies. She is also a big foodie. She loves going to new restaurants and trying out different dishes. She loves playing soccer every day. I am proud of how intelligent and clever she is. She is very kind to everybody. I trust her with all my secrets. She is a wonderful best friend.

2. My Best Friend Essay

Trying to find a trustable and honest friend is very difficult in this cruel world. Everybody claims to be your friend but when push comes to shove, the true faces of these so-called friends come to light. I know a lot of people who do not have sincere friends. Fortunately, God has blessed me with an honest and sincere best friend. His name is Ali. He is very well-mannered and is kind to everyone around him. My best friend always tries to help others out. When I face any problem in my life, I always ask my best friend for a solution. He gives the best advice. He is never disrespectful to his elders or his juniors. He has helped me out in every difficult place in my life.

I became friends with Ali since Preschool. From that point, we were inseparable. We did everything together. We both studied together. We always shared our school lunches. We also used to play together in the playground. We have gone on many adventures together. I remember once we went on a school trip where I got lost. My best friend spent many hours trying to find me. In the end, he finally found me. Ali is the perfect example of a supportive best friend. He has supported me in everything. When I wanted to go to soccer classes, everyone laughed at me. Everybody said that you are not a sportsman. But my best friend always supported me. He helped me become the best soccer player in my school.

My best friend has stayed with me through all the difficult days.  He is always by my side in times of need. I am blessed to have a best friend like Ali. I hope everybody gets a best friend like him one day.

3. My Best Friend Essay

We will come across many different people in our life. Most of them will be in your life for only a small time, but few can stay there for ages. Man is a very complex living thing. We cannot like all the people who cross our path. But the ones we do like, we keep them close for life. The people who are blessed enough to be surrounded by a few good friends are the luckiest human beings in the entire world.

You may have many good friends in your life. However, you cannot call every good friend your best friend. A best friend is a person who understands the real you. Who will stay by your side in the good times as well as the bad times? A best friend will not change directions with the wind. No matter what the conditions in your life are life, a best friend will support you in fighting every storm. If you ever have such a beautiful relationship in your life, then God has blessed you with the greatest gifts of all.

I am lucky enough to have a wonderful best friend in my life. My best friend’s name is Khushbakht. I call her ‘’Khushi’’ which means Happiness. I call her this because she is the reason for all the happy moments in my life.  She has been my best friend since grade 1. We have always stayed together and supported each other in everything in life. There are a lot of things common between me and my best friend. We both love to read books in our free time. We are very hardworking in studies and always score excellent grades. Khushi is very bright in studies. She is very kind-hearted and helps others who are weak in studies.

In our free time, we spend all our time together. We help poor people on the streets by working in an organization that provides them with education. We spend most of our holidays teaching poor kids. Furthermore, we also take part in extracurricular activities at our school. We are in the debate club and the drama club. She can perform very well in front of a live audience.

During our summer vacations, we convince our parents to go on trips together. Just like us, our families are also very close to each other. Last summer vacation, we took a trip together to the local museum. We had a lot of fun learning about ancient times together. We do everything together. We even do our homework together. Our homes are very close to one another. So, I go to her home every day. Sometimes, we also spend the night at each other’s homes.

4. My Best Friend Essay


Someone has rightly said that a friend in need is a friend indeed. When life puts you in a very difficult position, it is the perfect time to judge whether your so-called friends are your true friends after all. In such a situation, only the people who are completely sincere and loyal to you will remain on your side. And that one friend who stays with you through thick and thin should be rightly called your best friend. A best friend possesses the best qualities of the heart and the mind. I have many befriended many people over the years. But my best friend is John.

Who is my best friend?

John has been my best friend since we were only 5 years old. He has stayed by my side for 10 years. We always sit together in class and also live in the same neighborhood. We love to play soccer in our local playground. Whenever I need help, he always comes through for me.

John comes from a very poor family. His father is a clerk and his mother is a housewife. His parents don’t have a lot of money. John is very hardworking. He studies in our school free of cost because he won a scholarship. His parents are very proud of him. His parents have taught John to always respect the elders and love the younger ones. John has no bad habits at all. He is good at everything he does. He is also very punctual. He always arrives first to School and all his soccer matches.

John is also very good-looking. He’s the brightest student in our class. He is also the captain of our school soccer team. Jon has won many prizes and tournaments. But he is not proud at all. He is very humble and down-to-earth. He treats everyone with respect and love. His manners are very beautiful as well. All the students and teachers at our school love and respect John.

Why do I love my best friend?

In his free time, John goes to the local orphanage. He plays with the children and reads them stories. He always teaches the children. All the children at the orphanage love playing with John. He also gathers all his other friends and takes them to the hospital. In the hospital, we help the nurses take care of sick people. John wants to become a doctor one day. He wants to help sick people get better. John also wants to become very rich when he grows up. He wants to spend all his money helping the poor children get an education.

I am blessed to have a friend like John who is the best in every way. He has remained by my side through all the ups and downs in my life. When I lost my mother, John was there to support me. He didn’t leave my side at all. He taught me how to be brave after my mother’s death. I am not very good at studies. So, John helps me out in studies as well. He helps me get good grades in school. When I fail in my exam, John always gives me the courage and supports me. He teaches me how to do better in my next exams. John is also a very cheerful person. He loves to tell jokes and make people happy. When I am upset, he always cheers me up with jokes and funny stories. John is very kind-hearted. He also loves animals a lot. He has a beautiful snowy cat named Matilda. He takes care of Matilda all the time. Matilda is also very loyal to John and loves him a lot.

5. My Best Friend Essay

Who is a friend?

Being friends means having a relationship of mutual love and respect for each other. Friendship is characterized by forgiveness, loyalty and sincerity for one another. Studies have shown that having good friends can help one live a more satisfied and happy life. In contrast, living alone without friends can lead to several physical and mental health problems. Having good friends is like a medicine that will help heal even the gravest of wounds. If you have even one good friend in life and nothing else, then you are counted among the few luckiest people in the entire world.

Who is my best friend?

Although I have many good friends in life, a best friend is someone different. A best friend is one that will stay by your side no matter what. Even if the whole world stands against you, your best friend will support you to the fullest. My best friend’s name is Jiah. We have been best friends for 15 years. The first time I saw her was on our first day of school. My parents left me at the school’s gates. I was crying and sobbing uncontrollably. All I wanted was to go back home. My teachers came forward to try and console me. But it was of no use. And there Jia was. She stepped forwards and held my hand. She said that it was going to be alright. Teary-eyed, I nodded and followed her. That moment was the beginning of a long and happy friendship.

Throughout Pre-school and high school, Jia and I were inseparable. People used to think that we are real sisters. We did everything together. We took part in all the extracurricular activities at our school together. We won numerous debate tournaments, Spelling Bee quizzes and tennis matches. We were also very good in studies. We used to score the highest grades in our entire school. All the teachers and students loved us. Our headmaster, Mrs. Nikhil, made us both co-captains of the school. We had the time of our lives together.

Why do I love my best friend?

My best friend comes from a very noble family. Her father is a heart specialist and her mother is a college professor. Her family is very rich. However, having money did not make my best friend proud at all. Jia was very generous. She used to give all her lunch money to the poor students at our school. She used to always pack extra lunch for school. After eating only a few bites, she used to share all her food with the rest of her friends. But she never made them feel as if she was pitying them. Instead, she used to call them over saying ‘’Hey, my mother has packed extra lunch for me. Anybody wants to share with me?’’. This is how Jia was. Everybody loves how kind-hearted and generous she is.

Jia takes a huge interest in romantic fiction and thriller mysteries. She goes through at least two books in a month. She is a big fan of Sci-Fi movies. She loves dressing up as her favorite characters in all the theme parties held at our School. I have never seen Jia talk loudly to her elders or her juniors. She is very respectful. Even when she is angry, she never loses her temper. She is very rational and takes very thoughtful decisions.

Jia has taught me that friendship is a true gift in life. Good friends are very difficult to come by. A good friend will believe in you in those days when even you doubt yourself. Jia is that kind of friend. A few years back, I had an accident on the motorway. I lost my ability to walk for a few months. The sinking feeling that I would not be able to walk again used to drive me mad with despair. In those darkest days of my life, Jia was the light. She kept motivating me. She told me everything was going to be okay. And with time, I believed that everything would be okay. She encouraged me to start walking again. This is only a tiny example of all the things that my best friend has done for me.

Having a best friend like Jia has taught me what life is all about. She is very adventurous. She has dragged me along on hikes through the mountains. I have lived some of the most adventurous and fun-filled of my life because of my best friend. My parents also treat Jia like family. When she comes over to my house, my mother treats her as if my best friend is her second daughter. Jia also respects my parents a lot. She always tells me that it is like she has another family with us. I am very lucky indeed to have a best friend like Jia. She smiles a lot. Her smiling face can lift my mood on the worst days as well. She has defended me in front of my teachers at school. Sometimes, she even takes the blame for the things I do. She has sacrificed a lot for me. During exams, she teaches me instead of studying herself.


Good friends are extremely rare in this selfish world. Not everybody has friends which they can call their best friends. If you find one true friend that is like a best friend to you, never let them go. Having a best friend with whom you can share everything is one of the greatest joys in life. Make sure to get a best friend like mine who will stand by you in the darkest moments of your life. A best friend will not run when times get tough. But they will stay with you physically or in spirit for the rest of your life.


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